"ABB" will present modern solutions for higher requirements

The exhibition "Māja I" visitors will be able to see automation system ABB-free@home.

ABB-free@home is a new automation solution, which can easily control all electrical engineering equipment. As blinds and lighting, as well as heating and air conditioning, or even a door communication system and a coffee machine can now be controlled remotely. In addition, all this can be done by not only a wall switch, but using smartphone, tablet or an ordinary computer. ABB’s stand will be able to see modern and elegant light switch series, Busch-Jaeger USB charging station and dimmers. Exhibitors will be able to find solutions for modern distribution boxes with elegant design features, which are designed for installation in industrial, commercial or residential environment and meet any installation requirements.

ABB launches the new Busch-CO2 sensor. The new Busch-CO2 sensor measures air quality and humidity and adjusts fresh air intake. Thanks to energy saving regulations, modern new buildings and restored buildings now enjoy good heat insulation. Insulated windows, roofs and walls mean very low levels of air exchange. Benefit: Energy savings. Drawback: CO2 concentrations in rooms increase – along with air humidity. ABB now offers an innovative solution to ensure you have just the right amount of fresh air with its Busch-CO2 sensor.