Fresh & progressive: KMEW (Japan) exterior siding panels showcased by AJ REAL ESTATE company

A modern, safe and high-quality building is only complete with first-class siding material. Products for meeting that exact need will be featured in the expo hall thanks to AJ REAL ESTATE, a company with more than 11 years of experience in the Latvian market.

The vented wall assembly panels designed and manufactured by Japan’s KMEW company excel by combining all the characteristics required when carrying out contemporary renovation of multi-storey fasades. Especially in high-humidity areas – affected by precipitation, coastal climate, or even experiencing difficulty with conventional thermal insulation caulking – it is quite important that the walls can air themselves naturally. These pre-fabricated sidings are equally great in construction and renovation of private homes and can be used in the interior finishing. The panel product range made by KMEW is a brand new offering in the catalogue of AJ REAL ESTATE, picked to be featured in the major Latvian construction industry expo 2017 whose theme is "Safe Building". 

KMEW siding highlights:

• Precise shape and size – seamless installation.
• Composite material developed through rigorous research.
• Can withstand high and low temperatures and mechanical shocks, without ever deforming.
• Fireproof – without using any asbestos.
• Prevents dampness and decay by promoting evaporation of humidity.
• Adds one more layer of thermal and acoustic insulation.
• Coating: acrylic or UV-cutting ceramics.
• Visual texture: brick wall, stone – a total of about 400 variations to choose from. 

KMEW has presently secured 40 to 45 percent of the housing exterior panel market in its home country. It was established in a merger of Kubota Corp. and Matsushita Electric Works Ltd. (currently Panasonic Electric Works), and currently runs seven manufacturing sites in Japan.

KMEW’s siding panels offer an exciting and solid opportunity for all involved: building owners, engineers, construction teams, technical standards upholders as well as everyone who appreciates fine architecture, magnificent landscape or urban environment and pleasant home interior.