Consult about floating houses and pontoon systems at „PONTON”stand

"PONTON" will introduce the “MĀJA 1 2017” visitors the latest information about
the various floating structures, high quality pontoon systems for a floating platforms, floating houses, hotels, stages, saunas, cafes, terraces and cottages built on the water, manufacture of equipment and shore reinforcement. Footbridges and modular houses on pontoons.

Visitors will have the opportunity to receive advice for floating houses and pontoon systems. „PONTON” professional team will provide you with their knowledge and practical recommendations how to choose the right and safe solution for floating construction and its equipment, how important is the proper use and annual inspections. As well opportunity to receive technical materials for floating systems and houses.

Actual offer - house AQUA AURA. The main principle of the house AQUA AURA - freedom of choice, because it consists of easy installing modular sections, built of wood, environmentally friendly. 100% eco house! This house can be installed either on land or on water on concrete floats. The house is suitable not only for living, but also, for example, for coffee-house, camping place, bath or even the office - it all depends on Your needs and desires!