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28 - 29 February

1 March

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Visitors of “Skola 2020” – free of charge

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How to find us

City Centre to Ķīpsala:
Trolleybuses 5, 9, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Ķīpsala to City Centre:
Trolleybuses 5, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Baltic TAXI, telephone: 8500

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Events programme

Information will be updated. Follow news in our website.


Friday, 1 March
11.00 Musical performance by the musician and poet Guntars Račs and the band “Saldās sejas”.
Reading poems from the upcoming poetry book “Mīlestība ir” (Love Is).

Organiser: MicRec Publishing
12.00 Book launch event: Inese Tora “Varbūt vēlreiz iemīlēties...” (Fall in Love Again…).
Poetry readings by Inese Tora and Mirdza Ankupa. Inese Nereta sings her songs with lyrics by Inese Tora.

Organiser: Vītola izdevniecība
13.00 Book launch event: Folklore selection “Rucavas garamantas I” (Rucava Cultural Heritage I) compiled by Māra Vīksna. Participants: author, publishers, folklore ensemble.
Organiser: Zinātne Publishing House and Archives of Latvian Folklore, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, University of Latvia
14.00 Book Launch Event: Indars Kraģis “Radošums un kritiskā domāšana” (Creativity and Critical Thinking).
Organiser: Apgāds Mansards
15.00 Presentation of the upcoming book “Sibīrijas skola” (Siberian School).
Dzintra Geka tells the memories of children deported to Siberia between the years 1941–1949.

Organiser: Foundation “Sibīrijas bērni”
16.00 Presentation “Where do the Ukrainian book market and literature go in 2019: Trends, popular and new niches in facts and figures”. Projections based on the study “Ukrainian Reading and Publishing Data 2018”.

Participants: Irina Baturevich, an initiator of this study and coordinator of the Chitomo cultural and publishing project, Andrei Kurkov, a writer and president of the Ukrainian PEN Club.
Working language: Russian
Organisers: Embassy of Ukraine, Latvian-Ukrainian Culture Centre, Publishing House “Folio”.
17.00 Discussion "Book as a Work of Art"
Participants: representatives of Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA), Self Publish Riga, Orbīta Text Group
Moderator: Kaspars Vanags
Organiser: RIBOCA
Saturday, 2 March
11.00 “Latvian blankets through the centuries”
Participants: Inese Sirica, Uģis Niedre and Rauls Vēliņš
Organiser: Sana Solaris
12.00 Book presentation: Inga Jēruma “Teātra bērni” (Children of Theatre)
Organiser: Zvaigzne ABC
13.00 Book presentation: Valdis Rūmnieks “No Raiņa līdz Čakam” (From Rainis to Čaks)
Organiser: Zvaigzne ABC
14.00 Book presentation: Uldis Neiburgs “Grēka un ienaida liesmās” (In the Flames of Sin and Hatred).
Participants: film director Normunds Pucis and publicist Otto Ozols
Organiser: Latvijas Mediji
15.00 Launch of the book “Lāsts” (Curse) by Dace Judina – What’s meant to be, will be? The big grey in and around us…
Participants: author of the novel Dace Judina, literature scientists and publisher Evija Veide, clinical psychologist Ilze Veitnere and enthusiast of Riga’s cultural history Valdis Gavars
Organiser: Latvijas Mediji
16.00 Meet Estonian writer Ilmar Taska, an author of the novel “Pobeda 1946”.
Participants: Estonian Embassy in Latvia, translator Lelde Rozīte
Organiser: Jumava
17.00 Get acquainted with the novelties of the Kharkiv Publishing House “Folio” and meet the authors Andrei Kurkov and Yuri Vinnichuk.
Moderator: Alexander Krasovitsky, Director of the Publishin House “Folio”
Working language: Russian
Organisers: Embassy of Ukraine, Latvian-Ukrainian Culture Centre, Publishing House “Folio”.
Sunday, 3 March
11.00 Meet Maija Rubīna, an author of the book “Mana Rīga” (My Riga). Book Launch Event.
Organiser: Jumava
12.00 Meet Silvija Radzobe, the author of the book “100 izcili Latvijas aktieri” (100 Outstanding Latvian Actors), theatre critic, professor at University of Latvia.
Organiser: UL Press
13.00 Meet Māris Rīmenis, an author of the book “Veiksmei līdzās” (Witness of Athletic Success)
Organiser: Jumava
14.00 Astrology about astrology – conversation with Andris Račs, an astrologer and author of the books “Mana dzīves karte”, “Mana nākotnes karte”.
Organiser: Jumava
15.00 “How young families should ask for help or “Be my village!”.
Meet Vita Kalniņa, the author of the book “Pirmās attiecības cilvēka dzīvē” (The First Relationship in Life)

Organiser: Family Psychology Centre“LĪNA”


Friday, 1 March
10.00 Viewing of video interviews and meeting with representatives of the project “Bibliotēka” (Library)
What does literature mean to Latvians? Answers by Nora Ikstena and Māris Bērziņš, metropolitan Archbishop of Riga Zbigņevs Stankevičs, Director of the National Library of Latvia Andris Vilks, Director of the Latvian National Library Foundation Kārina Pētersone, former President of Latvia Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, patron of literature, majority shareholder of “Baltic International Bank” Valērijs Belokoņs, poet and translator Uldis Bērziņš, historian of Latvian art and heraldry specialist Imants Lancmanis, and Head of the Ethnography Department of the National History Museum of Latvia Sanita Stinkule.
Organiser: Project “Bibliotēka”
12.00 Ukrainian PEN club recommends.
Working language: Russian
Organiser: Embassy of Ukraine, Latvian-Ukrainian Culture Centre, Publishing House “Folio”
13.00 Meeting with the well-known Czech writer of Bulgarian origin, author of “The Lake” Bianca Bellová.
Autograph signing
Organiser: Publishing House “Pētergailis”
14.00 Meeting with the author of the book “100 ārstniecības augu nerviem” (100 Herbs to Southe Nerves), a doctor with 40 years of experience in psychiatrics, collaborator at the Psychoneurophysiology and Bioregulation Investigation Centre Guntis Kalnietis.
Organiser: Sol Vita
15.00 Conversation with writer Svens Kuzmins about his new work “HOHMA”
Organiser: Publishing House “Dienas Grāmata”
16.00 Conversation with litterateur Guna Roze about her new work “Sadursme” (Collision)
Organiser: Publishing House “Dienas Grāmata”
17.00 Launch of the book “Miera ķēķis. Kas stāv aiz teksta?” (Kitchen of Peace. What Hides Behind the Text?)
With participation of the compiler of the book Guntars Godiņš
Organised by the Latvian Language Agency
Saturday, 2 March
11.00 Live broadcast of the Latvijas Radio programme “Kultūras rondo” from the “Latvian Book Fair 2019”
Presentation of the award “Book Publishers’ Friend”
12.00 “Marks of time: the life of Ilgonis Bērsons in diaries, letters, memories and images (1947–1990)”
With the participation of Ilgonis Bērsons and creators of the book
Organiser: Publishing House “Zinātne”
13.00 “Look at Her” – conversation with writers Maarja Kangro (Estonia), Anna Starobinets (Russia) and doula Katrīna Puriņa (Latvia).
Organiser: Publishing House “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
14.00 “Gogol’s Disco”. Meeting with the provocative Estonian writer and winner of the European Union Prize for Literature Paavo Matsin and translator Maima Grīnberga

Organiser: Publishing House “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
15.00 Presentation of Iveta Rēdliha’s novel “Vēl viena dziļa elpa” (Another Deep Breath)
Organiser: Zvaigzne ABC
16.00 Presentation of the book “Ceļojums uz brīnumzemi jeb vienradža piedzimšana” (A Trip to Wonderland or the Birth of a Unicorn) by the Estonian writer Irina Taler.
Event is held in Russian
Organiser: Livonia Books
17.00 Conversation about the unbreakable symbiosis of life and literature, and the new book “Svešie” (Strangers) by a writer and winner of the Latvian Literature Award 2017 and a publicist Ieva Drozdova.
Organiser: Latvijas Mediji
Sunday, 3 March
11.00 The winning author of the European Union Prize for Literature Undinė Radzevičiūtė and a translator Dace Meiere introduce audience to the novel “Asinis zilas, debesis pelēkas” (Blue Blood, Grey Skies)
Organiser: Publishing House “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
12.00 A conversation about life or the book “Kaķi, kamoli un sapņi” (Cats, Balls of Yarn and Dreams) of writer and activist of “Dzīvnieku brīvība” (Animal Freedom) Anna Strautniece
Organiser: Publishing House “ALIS”
13.00 Don’t look for a subtext, look for a conTEXT! Meeting with the creators and contributors of the Latvian Writers Union’s monthly newspaper.
Prose and poetry readings by Pauls Bankovskis, Lilija Berzinska, Kristaps Vecgrāvis and young authors – creators of the section “Laboratorija”
14.00 Myroslav Dochynets. “Many years. Happy years”. Meeting with the translator of the book Valentīns Silovs
Organiser: Publishing House “Avots”
15.00 Meeting with Sandra Vensko, an author of the novel “Adele”
Organiser: “Dienas Grāmata”


Friday, 1 March
12.15 Literature lesson “I Need You” with a humanness coach Lote and writer and teacher Zanda Bērziņa-Radziņa
Discussion about books that teach responsibility and human attitude towards our four-legged friends, contests and games.
Organiser: Zvaigzne ABC
14.15 Book Launch event: Robin Bobbin “The Gold Guilder”
Meet the translator Klāvs Radziņš and the little gold guy.
Organiser: SIA Jānis Roze
15.15 Chinese calligraphy workshop for children “Gentle Touch of a Brush”
Introduction to the book about China and the art of calligraphy “Sapnis katrai naktij” (A Dream for Every Night)

Organiser: Publishing House “Sapņu spalva”
Saturday, 2 March
11.15 The author of “Courtyard Heritage” Liene Lasmane invites children and parents to play courtyard games
Organiser: Zvaigzne ABC
13.15 Music by Children
Children’s vocal studio “Momo” of the VEF Culture Palace, pupils of the Riga Cathedral Choir School, Jāzeps Mediņš Riga Music School No. 1, Sigulda Art School “Baltais flīģelis”, young and not so young soloists perform well-known and favourite songs.
Organiser: Musica Baltica”
14.15 An Inese Paklone’s book for boys and girls “Es picas brālēnu cepu” (I Bake a Pizza’s Cousin).
Simon van der Geest “Zirrenis” (Spinder) translated by Inese Paklone.
Juris Zvirgzdiņš “Zvaigžņu tramvajs” (Star Tram)

Organiser: Pētergailis Publishing House
15.15 Masterclass of fairy tale writing for children conducted by a Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov
Working language: Russian
Organiser: Embassy of Ukraine, Latvian-Ukrainian Culture Centre, Publishing House “Folio”
Sunday, 3 March
10.50 Spectacle “Max and Moritz”
Organiser: Latvian Puppet Theatre
12.15 Meet the authors of the book “Laime ir lapsa” (Happiness is a Fox) and a translator Dace Meiere
Organiser: Publishing House “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”
13.15 Introduction to Gibberish and contest
Participants: Sanita Tiltiņa-Balode, an author of the book “Pasakas pupiņu valodā” (Gibberish Fairy Tales) and Markuss Tumans, an illustrator.
Organiser: JS Industry
14.15 Director, screenwriter and producer Roze Stiebra tells the story about the heroes of the animation film “Saule brauca debesīs” (Before The Day Breaks)
Organiser: Latvijas Mediji
15.15 Writer Andra Manfelde entertains readers with pictures and stories from her book “Vēja Vīrs un mēs” (The Wind Man and Us) dedicated to Ventspils
Organiser: Latvijas Mediji

“The Search for Success Factors in the Reality of the Modern-Day Book Market (Fair)”

The conference will take place in English

1 March 2019
Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga
Conference room 2
11.45–12.20 Registration
12.20 Opening remarks
Renāte Punka, President of the Latvian Publishers’ Association
12.30–13.30 “Diversity of Opportunities in Taking Care of Future Readers” (Bologna, Italy)
Roberta Chinni, International Guests Relations Manager of “Bologna Fiere”
13.30–14.30 “The Eternal City Takes Care of Small and Medium-Sized Publishers” (Rome, Italy)
Valeria Mencarelli, Public Relations Specialist and Event Programme Coordinator of the Rome Book Fair
14.30–15.20 “Sweden – Kingdom of Literary Awards”
Karin Sandberg, Public Relations Specialist of the Swedish Publishers’ Association
15.20–15.40 Coffee break
15.40–16.30 “Lithuania Reads”
Aida Dobkeviciute, Book Publishing Expert
16.30–17.15 Panel Discussion on the Current Situation in the Book Publishing Industry of Latvia
Most read books of 2018. Latest information on the winners of the European Union Prize for Literature in the translation programmes of “Creative Europe”. Are books noticeable in the culture market? Discussion moderated by Renāte Punka

17.15–17.30 Summary workshops

Friday, 1 March
10.30 Workshop for educators and parents “Behavioural problems in preschool and school. In search for causal relationships. Sensory behaviour”
12.30 Worksop for school leaders “Crisis Communication and communication crises in organisations. Organizations. How to build up a successful collaboration with difficult adults”
14.30 14.30 Workshop “Boundaries to build up healthy climate and prevent emotional abuse in the workplace”
16.30 Workshop “Emotional abuse in the workplace. Key issues”

Saturday, 2 March
10.30 Workshop “How to teach a child solve problems?”
12.30 Workshop for educators and parents “Triggers for anger and aggression at school. How games can help?”
14.30 Workshop for educators and parents “How to better understand behavioural problems of primary school pupils?”
16.30 Workshop for educators and parents “Games and play interventions to reduce anxiety in preschool children?”

Sunday, 3 March
10.30 Workshop for educators and parents “Behavioural problems in preschool and school. In search for causal relationships. Sensory behaviour”
12.30 Workshop “How to agree on rules guiding behaviour? Visual support to solving behaviour problems”
14.30 Workshop for educators and parents “How to teach non-cooperating pre-schoolers and pupils to cooperate?”
16.30 Workshop for educators and parents “Games and play interventions to reduce anxiety in preschool children?”