Check out the Green Expo Riga 2019 programme!

Two days, on 27 and 28 September, on the Green Expo Riga stage, well-known people, experts and professionals will share experience, present eco-friendly innovative solutions in different sectors, join in discussions on different green ideas, and provide advice on healthy living, farming and working.

Friday, 27 September

11.00 Regional and municipal reform. How to develop a mix of complementary and modern areas of the green economy in civil parishes that would facilitate people’s life there. How to promote the creation of niche products and services throughout Latvia? Cooperation, specialisation, innovation, support for small and medium-sized family farms, lending, infrastructure modernisation.

13.00 Innovation for the green economy. What can we offer to the world’s export markets using Latvian resources in combination with eco- and people-friendly, modern farming? Has there been research into the areas of the green economy in Latvia to find out the strongest? In which areas to invest to achieve growth and competitiveness in world markets? Outlining a national programme in the view of a different time-limit planning. Good examples, educational establishments, clusters, green investments.

15.00 Waste collection concepts. Use of natural renewable resources in the green economy sectors. Circular economy. Taking into account modern technological capabilities, can the necessary modernisation of the waste recording, collection, recycling become the basis for better understanding economic processes? Will this promote awareness of saving resources, the use of available renewable natural resources, the use of Latvian-made technological substitutes, energy saving methods, the deployment of smart technologies, etc. in households and processing plants?

Saturday, 28 September

11.00 Traditional life environment and communication culture in Latvia’s municipalities. Isn’t the young a well-forgotten old? Historical structure and historical types of farming in Latvia’s regions. The use of traditions today. Do traditions play a role in modern organic farming, local production, crafts, eco-tourism, regional cultural tourism and other areas of the green economy? The green image of Latvia in promoting exports of products and services.

13.00 From the initial support methods for organic farming to promoting the innovation of organic products and niche products.
State aid for cooperation and creation of new end-products. Support to specialised family holdings for strengthening organic farming in all regions of Latvia by developing: a programme promoting interest of local governments, a farmstead conservation programme, a land conversion programme for the gradual transition to organic farming. Good Latvian food in supermarkets and retail chain stores. Example of the Slow-food movement abroad.

15.00 Educated society, green thinking and healthy lifestyle – a prerequisite for the development of a balanced, sustainable Latvia. How to introduce habits so that green thinking and self-awareness becomes an assistant to both school and family, every company and institution. A sound mind in a healthy body or some things are simple and understandable, if told by people who adhere to the principles of green living and sustainable self-development in their daily lives. Healthy diet, eco schools, physical activity for everyone. National and public programmes for promoting health. How to choose eco-friendlier means of transportation? How to create an eco-friendlier living environment and a desire to maintain and care for the common living space? How to promote the desire to use it for activities in nature, urban environment, municipal centres, thereby creating a healthy and balanced society and an opportunity for the development of green economy.

Lecturers and an updated programme will be published shortly. Follow our updates!