Friday, 27 September
Green Economy Day
Journeys into Sustainable Innovations

Saturday, 28 September
Green Health Day
Green Ideas for Harmony

Sunday, 29 September
Green Family Day
Organic Harvest Festival

Jānis Brinkmanis, the event director:
“We are all hard at work trying to solve our everyday problems. But sometimes we need to think broader. What will the Latvian green economy and the quality of the environment we live in be like in the coming years? We know that you have something to say, and we have something we want to put up for discussion. There are many good examples of a green lifestyle to bring attention to. Together with our supporters, we are currently working on the event programme to be published in summer. Three days, three topics and three sectors, or good things come in threes. In this grand festival of green ideas, which will take place at the end of September 2019, we will feel the supportive shoulder of our like-minded friends.”


Green Expo Riga 2019 is the first green economy and lifestyle fair/festival in Latvia. It will offer the perfect opportunity for green brands and sustainably minded companies to present their nature - and people-friendly products and services at the Kipsala Exhibition Hall, as well as educational and exciting events for the public. We are focusing on the green personal choices of each company and person, green products and services, and the promotion of a green and healthy lifestyle.

The Green Expo Riga Introductory Forum took place in November last year and was dedicated to the global and large-scale ideas of the circular economy. The forum the need of green lifestyle events in Latvia!

Venue: Kipsala International Exhibition Centre
Organiser: International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with sustainably thinking companies, organisations and people of Latvia

Friday, 27 September – Green Economy Day
Journeys into sustainable innovations, unique business ideas, expert opinions

Saturday, 28 September – Green Health Day
The best practices promoting harmonious and healthy work-life and development of staff and individuals in companies and organisations.

Sunday, 29 September – Green Family Day
Harvest and family celebration, organic agricultural products, practical advice for greener farming and life.

Green Expo Riga will last for three days and explore one of three different topics each day – journey into sustainable innovations, green ideas for harmony, development and health, and organic harvest festival. Due to diversity of topics, the expected attendance of Green Expo Riga 2019 professionals and company executives, representatives of associations and green organisations, institution officials and families with children. They will all have something to see and participate in! With the annual trade show for housing design, repairs, energy saving and home comfort technologies ComfortHome taking place in the adjacent hall, the estimated number of visitors to both events is 20,000 visitors.

Entry fee to both events: EUR 4 for a full-priced ticket with special discounts for groups and families. With the help of our partners, we will distribute at least 3000 additional invitations.

Programme topics will be interesting and useful to a large number of visitors. 27 September – for officials, specialists and company executives; 28 September – for supporters of green, healthy and active lifestyle; 29 September – for families knowing the value of organic food or willing to enjoy harvest festival. Full three-day event programme will be published in summer.

The organisers will offer centralised daily activities for both trade fair participants and visitors, as well as several zones for debates and events. There will be lectures by well-known people, athletic activities and culture events. We encourage companies, supporters and active participants to put forward proposals for expanding the programme!

We also encourage you to organise your own conversations, discussions, lectures, presentations, tasting sessions, and cultural and athletic activities according to the day’s topic. The participants have to be prepared to meet a very diverse audience: people already educated on green economy issues.

The Green Expo Riga participants will have a chance to put their message and the new products or green economy services to the test, because we are expecting a demanding and knowledgeable audience from different age groups and economic sectors. For startups, this is a unique opportunity to test their target audience’s reaction. For experienced brands, this is a good opportunity to remind the public of their green deeds and sustainable development strategies, as well as gain new supporters. Join in!

We are asking you to consider how nature-friendly your stand and informative materials are and suggest using recyclable materials, as well as signs, banners, posters and brochures that can be reused after the event. The audience of Green Expo Riga is understanding, so it is better to be simple, imaginative and supportive of green ideas rather than spend excessive resources. With our good example and green stand design, we will approach visitors in a nature-friendly way!

How can companies or organisations participate? We suggest contacting the organiser to agree on the most suitable type of participation for you personally:
- with a stand as is the norm at trade fairs - with a furnished negotiation room
- with experts for discussions and lectures on the central stage

Prices per stands are the same at both trade fairs, but Green Expo Riga is offering special green discounts this year. Before they are calculated, the stand is allocated the standard price, which will apply if the intended exposition does not comply with the green discount criteria.
The standard price is a combination of:
1) fixed participation fee: EUR 88 +
2) lease price of the stand area: EUR 32–48 per m2 inside the hall (depending on the number of open sides) or EUR 28 per m2 outside the hall +
3) if necessary, standard stand equipment as provided by the organiser (stand walls, lighting, lettering on the name board): EUR 16 per m2
After adding up all the participation costs, the discount is applied based on the “greenness” of the activities and exposition content.

To give exhibitors a chance to present their green concepts to a wider audience, Green Expo Riga 2019 will offer green discounts. Discounts are applied by the organiser based on the respective criteria and the recipient’s written commitment to provide exciting and engaging green education activities at their stand during the event.
Discounts will be applied to:
- green education projects
- start-ups with sustainable technology innovations or green products and services
- organic farming representatives
- presentations of new sustainable products and services, which have been developed in Latvia
- foreign companies looking for cooperation partners in Latvia to manufacture or develop nature-friendly products or services
- projects developed by youths and complying with the green economy criteria
- other participants.

Take advantage of the discounts! To receive a discount price quote, send in the description of your stand and the green ideas you plan on presenting.

As soon as the contract is concluded, send your news for publication! Both large and small brands have something to say and show, and green-minded people are interested in news! We can post your news on the Green Expo website and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. We also offer jointly organize competitions and other activities. Let’s build a platform of valuable information together!

After the midsummer holiday, we will start filming video interviews and participant presentations, which will be promoted in September in the context of Green Expo Riga. Participants will also have a chance to have their promotional videos played on screens in the hall during the event. Let’s bring what we have to the table now! We’re waiting for your suggestions.

Each of the three days will have its own light, sound and general ambience, so we should all make an effort to help the visitors see that green ideas and sustainable economy can be colourful and attractive! Go for colourful and inspiring pictures and interesting exhibits, such as boxes of fragrant apples, different types of pumpkins, autumn flowers, lay a genuine countryside kitchen table or show solid wooden stools! Make your exhibition stand practical, educational, environmentally friendly and interactive, and offer activities meeting the topic of each day.

The design features both inside and outside the hall will be replaced to reflect each day’s topic.

The hall will be divided into three sectors.
The multifunctional sector for various activities with tiered seating along the edges: lectures and presentations on the first day; athletic demonstrations for youths on the second day; Michaelmas games on the third day.
The central sector with stands for green economy brands: remember that you have to prepare additional information and activities for the audience at your individual stand in line with the three-day programme.
The third sector is reserved for presentations by representatives of green education and nature associations and organisations. We hope that the weather conditions in September will permit us to create an outdoor activity and presentation area as well.

We encourage companies from all economic sectors to participate, with the main prerequisite being that you really are a company thinking green thoughts and doing green things.

This year’s topics and key sectors:
- waste-free management
- examples of circular economy manufacturing
- organic farming and local organic produce
- local and nature-friendly construction materials and methods
- smart heating, energy-saving and thermal insulation solutions in households
- eco design furniture, products and services for green-thinking families
- green urban transportation in green urban environment
- green innovations and technologies
- personal development and green education services
- services promoting healthy lifestyle
- green investment opportunities
- as well as companies of other sectors offering green products / goods / service / ideas.

On Friday, 27 September, which is also World Tourism Day, we will travel the world for green experiences, innovations and practices. We will learn of nature-friendly innovative solutions in various sectors, explore the long-term solutions of green start-ups, discover the export success horizons of sustainable brands and take part in the search for sustainable ideas! We encourage you to become our partner and create discussions with the participation of foreign business organisations, start-ups, government institutions, leading green economy brands, foreign representations and European institutions.

The most business-orientated of all three event days. Targeted at professionals, institution officials, company executives and green economy policy-makers.

We invite all green entrepreneurs:
- exporters of eco products
- developers of energy-saving solutions
- introducers of waste-free technologies
- innovators in the field of efficient use of renewable natural resources
- developers of green financial instruments
- introducers of future transport and logistics solutions
online providers of green innovations

On Saturday, 28 September, we will learn ways of living in green harmony with ourselves; get inspiration from best practices to bring sustainable ideas to life in a healthy, harmonious society.

The day is dedicated to everyone who cares about their own and their peers' understanding of environmental education. Active leisure in nature and sports classes for the people, self-exploration in the physical and mental realm, solutions to environmental quality issues, team-building for starting green businesses, presentations of the activities of various associations and healthy lifestyle practices.

We invite:
- healthy lifestyle specialists
- municipal governments with good examples
- health and educational institutions
- sports federations
- medical associations
- psychological associations
- personal development coaches
- wholesome food specialists
- people’s sports associations
- providers of health improvement products and services
- green business consultants
- environmental engineers
- urban planners
- green education specialists

On Sunday, 29 September, we will celebrate the Michaelmas day, try and buy organic produce, learn practical wisdom and values of life.
Let’s be inspired by the green practices of different households and families. This is also the day for “greening” our familial relationships, so let’s spend it together with our children by participating in traditional and contemporary harvest celebration activities, having fun, and receiving valuable practical advice and skills for living a greener life! Everyone will find something interesting or useful!

We invite the following partners and experts:
- representatives of the Latvian Organic Farming Association
- traditional culture and art institutions
- organic food producers and merchants
- eco restaurants
- builders and architects of passive houses
- eco design representatives
- traditional craftsmen

Planned events: degustations, presentations on the benefits of organic farming, educational lectures, master classes and advice relating to improving, renovating and managing traditional farmsteads, as well as gardening. Fun activities for children.

The introductory forum took place on 21 November 2018. We thank our supporters for helping us with this important preliminary event!

The introductory forum was open to visitors with electronic invitations, which were sent out after answering the survey questions on the event’s website. We sent out a total of 751 invitations to the e-mail addresses provided by individuals. In addition, we sent out 835 invitations to supporters and participants’ cooperation partners. We had 20 exhibitors with bigger and smaller stands. All day long, we had heated discussions with the participation of leading experts from more than 50 different sectors. Learn more

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Ķīpsala to City Centre:
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Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
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