Fiberglass tubs and outdoor hot tubs from

Our product range includes quality and durable hot tubs and outdoor bubble baths. Amazing discounts, free shipping throughout Latvia.

Various tub solutions are available – a wooden tub, a wood-plated polypropylene tub and a fiberglass tub. We offer fiberglass tubs and bubble baths as they have lots of advantages:

• Easy-to-use – a fiberglass tub has no cracks and should not always be filled with water as a wooden tub. Just drain and rinse it after every use.
• Hygiene – it has no gaps and sharp edges inside where dirt accumulates, therefore, it is much easier to keep it clean compared to a wooden or polypropylene tub.
• Reduced water consumption – it is designed to reduce water consumption compared to similar wooden or polypropylene tubs, as the bench is integrated in its wall and floor. It provides more seating comfort as the wall is slanting and tapered.