Rhododendrons, grown in Latvia

Rhododendron Breeding and experimental nursery “Babīte” will introduce visitors to cultivars and species, that are suitable for Latvian climate. 

There will be more than 30 different rhododendron species and cultivars, including those created by the professsor Rihards Kondratovičs.

Rhododendrons: ‘Imants’, ‘Emīls’, ‘LU Rolands’, ‘Ilma’, ‘Sofija’, ‘Kārlis Ulmanis’, ‘Vilhelmīne Petkevičs’, ‘Toms’, ‘Viesturs’, ‘Babītes kompaktais’, ‘Aivars Lasis’, ‘Andris’, ‘Egons’, ‘Babītes sarkanais’. Deciduous azaleas: ‘Skaidrīte’, ‘Liesma’, ‘Uguns’, ‘Rīga’.  The newest cultivars are purple ‘Kristaps Morbergs’, white ‘Babītes Antons’ and soft pink deciduous azalea‘Sarma’.

Most popular rhododendron cultivars will also be on sale: ‘Catawbiense Grandiflorum’, ‘Kalinka’, ‘P.J. Mezzit’, ‘Nova Zembla’, ‘Gudrun’, ‘Emanuela’, ‘Scintilation’, ‘Homebush’, Rh. Roseum, Rh. Schlippenbachii and Rh. Ledebourii.

The University of Latvia Rhododendron Breeding and experimental Nursery “Babīte” was founded in 1980. The nursery covers 11,8 ha in a pine forest near Riga, the village of Spilve, Babīte Municipality. This is the only specialized rhododendron nursery in the Baltic States.