Choose iris, plantain lily (hosta) and peony plants from Ziedudā!

Peonies will be available in various colours – white, yellow, coral, pink, red and wine-coloured. Only the blue colour is not selected in the world yet. Siberian irises will be offered in blue colour, and plantain lilies will be available in different colours and sizes. There will be sunny discounts and gifts to customers who purchase five or more plants!

“The world is so beautiful, how beautiful and good we create it ourselves. Beauty of my world is created by flowers!” – says Dzintra Yurevitsa, who will give the visitors of the exhibition the opportunity to purchase planted in Tukums flower garden winter-hardy plants – irises, plantain lilies and peonies.

In Dzintra`s flower garden 230 varieties of peonies are growing, 40 of which can be purchased on Kipsala, including those which received the highest awards – GardenTreasure, Cytherea, Bartzella!

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