"RK69 Group" will offer effective solutions against mosses and ants, as well as production and packaging equipment!

The visitors of the exhibition at the "RK69 Group" stand will have an oppurtunity to to purchase high-quality products manufactured in Latvia – a series of effective anti-moss products “Sūnām-STOP” and anti-ant product “Skudrām-STOP”. It will be also possible to find out about the available equipment for manufacturers of small and medium-sized businesses.

“SŪNĀM-STOP” is a series of anti-moss products, which successfully and efficiently allows to get rid of mosses and algae on roofs, walls, facades, sheds, paths, garden furniture, family monuments and various other surfaces.

“SKUDRĀM-STOP” is ant control product, which is designed to control ants – to keep them out of terraces, balconies, paving stones and other places.

dosing, weighing, prepacking, packing for bulk products. Filling bottles and packets with water, etc. Labelling packages, cap screwing, closing machines. Suitable for both food and non-food products.

“RK69 Grupa” Ltd has taken a stable position in Latvian market, specializing in the production and marketing of innovative and practical household products.

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