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Riga Food 2012 participant feedback

Dr. Irēna Putniņa, Director of German Products Baltics Ltd.
Our compliments for this year’s exhibition – everything was great in terms of working conditions and information. We would also like to have the same stand at the exhibition in 2013.

Dzintra Znotiņa, Project Manager of the Latvian Technological Center, Organiser of the Innovation for Food stand
We organised meetings for Latvian and Polish entrepreneurs during the exhibition, and I can assure you that our manufacturers still have a lot of products to offer abroad. The Riga Food exhibition is not only a great meeting place for professionals, entrepreneurs and potential business partners, but also where ideas for new projects are born and where these ideas find their implementers. The stand Innovation for food is a good example. I am glad to see that the ideas nurtured at the research facilities a couple of years ago are now displayed as actual products at the exhibition. Thanks to the organisers for the opportunity to take part in this beautiful celebration of food!

Ilva Pūliņa, Manager of the Certification Department, National Food Quality System
I am grateful to the participants of the Zaļā karotīte (Green Spoon) stand for creating the atmosphere of a rural farmstead. It is a pleasure to see that the product quality corresponds to the audit requirements, and even better that products of our certified manufacturers are regarded as especially delicious by visitors to Riga Food.

Dace Drošprāte, Manager of cooperative VTT Dārzi farm Gaidas
We as a manufacturer were looking for processers of fruits and berries, and wanted to establish first contacts with end consumers. Participation at this exhibition opened new horizons and new contacts for our company – the presentation of our autumn harvest turned out great, and now we have to work on transforming our newly established contacts into long-term cooperation partners.

Raitis Šarkovskis, Sales Manager of Aloja-Starkelsen Ltd.
This exhibition was a great opportunity to meet our current and potential cooperation partners from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We are glad about the new contacts with suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of packaging that can contribute to our future products. This time we also took the opportunity to meet end consumers by offering tastings of our products, and that is not what we can easily do in our everyday routine as a manufacturer.

Artis Plācēns, Representative of Rostokas Aroma Ltd.
We usually think that exhibitions are most suitable for companies with finished products and ready-made offers. However, it turned out that also a small and newly established company can check the suitability of its products for market tendencies as well as receive suggestions and evaluation from potential clients even at the product development stage. It takes a lot of resources and a long time for a little manufacturer to carry out a client survey – it is much easier at such exhibitions. Here people with new ideas can find business partners that have already proved their abilities and are looking for new opportunities. I encourage small enterprises to participate in this exhibition to reach their goals.

Dzintra Peipāne, Representative of Jāņkalni farm
We recently opened a fruit processing plant and were willing to represent ourselves for the first time at a professional level to end consumers. We have a lot of friends but the contacts we made at Kipsala are nowhere else to be found. We have acquired new business partners in Belgium and Great Britain, they were particularly interested in our jams. Several shops and trade networks have also requested supply offers after tasting our products at the exhibition. We are very happy to have participated, and we are going to be here next year!

Žanna Rusanova, Director of Marketing and Technology Department, Leipurin Ltd.
We take part in the Riga Food exhibition every year to show our autumn/winter collection. We also invite our clients – company representatives, technologists, managers and confectioners to participate, and they all arrive ready for the celebration of this industry. We are glad to participate, and the results from our determination and advance planning, and our presentation at the exhibition.

Ivonna Lovniece, Sales Assistant of Nordic Sugar Ltd.
We take part in the Riga Food exhibition every year for marketing purposes. We know our clients, and this is a good place to meet them. We also offer various well planned activities for our clients, the visitors appreciate our efforts and that is most important.

Dmitrijs Poluektovs, Member of the Board of Fooderus Ltd.
This is our first experience participating at the Riga Food exhibition. We are very satisfied and the number of visitors is impressive. We acquired many new clients.

Irēna Mihailova, Manager of Osval Ltd.
Riga Food is a good event, especially for new manufacturers and distributors of products. We met new potential clients.

Pavel Umarik, Member of the Board of Taloka Meat Ou
We were pleased to see the large number of right people and professionals at this exhibition. We acquired many useful contacts.

Nellija Degle, Member of the Board of Rendex Ltd.
This year there were many retail representatives looking for new products for their shops. Everything was great!

Skaidrīte Judeika, Marketing Director of Veckūkuri farm
We were looking for new business partners at this exhibition, and we found them. We have started negotiations with shops in Kurzeme and Latgale, as well as with several trade centres in Riga. We also met new manufacturers of packaging, herbs and dairy products. We also received invitations to enter the Russian and Estonian markets, and we are discussing these at the moment. Although our products are already in supermarkets, many consumers do not recognise them yet and that is why we were advertising our products at the exhibition. We organised tastings of our dairy products, and that turned out great.