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MadamPuzo – a New Brand on the Domestic Gourmet Market. Discover it at the Fair!

In autumn 2016, a new brand called MadamPuzo entered the Latvian gastronomy market, offering home-canned goods with character that inspire new ideas and meals. To promote product development, MadamPuzo will present its products at the biggest food industry fair in the Baltics, Riga Food 2017.

Following her passion, last year Kazimiera Puzo, the author behind the idea and the owner of MadamPuzo, created the first product called Fiery Chiquita, which is a chilli pepper and red bell pepper jam. “Fiery Chiquita is unique in its simplicity – it contains only chilli pepper, red bell pepper and sugar. Yet the result is very rich, characterised by a play of flavours (where sweet notes merge with the spiciness of chilli pepper, finished with a pleasant aftertaste of bell pepper), as well as a distinctive aroma, colours and consistency,” says K. Puzo.

Due to the demand of Latvian consumers, a similar product called Spicy Chiquita was created, this time adding a little bit of garlic. In the spring, the product family was joined by the third chilli pepper jam called Sunny Chiquita. The new product, as K. Puzo describes it, is a combination of the summer sun, passion and the saltiness of sea water. It balances the flavours of chilli pepper and yellow bell pepper, while the sweetness of the product is toned down by a small amount of sea salt.

K. Puzo says: “Chiquita is a unique product that allows everyone to find their own flavour. It can be used for meat or fish foods, salads, soups, appetisers, pizzas, sauces, cheese or even desserts.” Chiquitas are popular among vegans as well.

In addition to Chiquitas, MadamPuzo ginger jam is particularly popular during the cold months of the year. The zestiness of the healthy ginger in combination with juicy apples makes for a delicious jam, which is perfect for adding to teas, oriental foods or pastries.

“When your passion turns into a hobby or even a business, each moment literally flies by. Inspiration is unpredictable – it can visit you when you’re reading, travelling, eating or exploring,” says K. Puzo, adding that Latvian consumers are open to new flavours.

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