TOP 10 finds at the furniture and design days at Ķīpsala!

The furniture and design days will take place from 18–20 October in Ķīpsala, with the exhibitions Design Isle 2019 and Baltic Furniture 2019. What should you not miss out on? The TOP 10 is suggested by Kristiana Kazarjana, member of the board at the Latvian Designers’ Society and creator of the brand K&K Concept.

Discover new design solutions
Our everyday life is unimaginable without crockery. What are the latest design solutions offered by professional designers? Very soon you will be able to discover them at the display provided by the Latvian Designers’ Society, where the artists will demonstrate their pieces submitted for the Crockery and Design Arena contests. Creations of both professional designers and those of students and pupils will be on display.

Match your furniture
The Latvian brand Nakts Mēbeles, known for caring about good quality sleep, has two surprises for the visitors – the designer bedroom collection Sofija and a built-in wardrobe, which will perfectly match the other products provided by the company, such as drawers and tables.

Admire the range
Uniqueness and range – qualities that definitely characterise the solid wood table producer Narovski! Any of their products easily become one of the most attractive features of a room. The size of the solid wood tables produced by the company is astounding, and the Design Isle 2019 exhibition will see the debut of their biggest piece of furniture yet: a table that is seven metres long!

The global touch
By participating in various distinguished exhibitions, the Latvian furniture brand Nordi Furniture has made a name for itself, not only in Latvia but also abroad. At Ķīpsala you will see the KiDSON cot that was awarded the prestigious European Product Design award in 2018, as well as the latest pull-out bed.

Find a gem
A wide range of products and high-quality soft furniture – those are the characteristics of Mūzas istaba. Baltic Furniture 2019 offers you the chance to see a true design gem that has gained quick success – a modifiable sofa with an innovative cloud-system in its seats!

Appreciate the work of true craftsmen
The craftsmen of the solid wood furniture producer Wenden Furniture will present their tables and chairs, that make up more than 30 dining room sets, to the visitors of the Baltic Furniture 2019 exhibition. The pieces of furniture are made of high-quality sustainable materials.

Discover unusual colours
Can you imagine a brilliant green sofa? The new LETT soft furniture collection – based on a colour not typically used for sofas – is going to be on display at the Design Isle 2019 exhibition. LETT does not shy away from creative design solutions, and their experience and skills will bring each and every vision a customer might have to life!

Follow the office furniture trends
This year ISKU, a company that follows the current modern trends and offers fascinating, high quality collections, will demonstrate the latest open space office solutions at Ķīpsala. The offer will also include acoustic cabins that muffle the surrounding noises and active chairs – exercise bikes that improve health and help to maintain energy throughout the working day. Work and keep hitting those pedals!

Choose your unique piece of furniture
The wide variety of materials, forms, shapes and colours provided by the local producer Fascino makes it possible for each customer to create their own unique piece of furniture, and individual orders make up the majority of the production of the company. Visitors of Baltic Furniture 2019 will be able to explore the wide range of Fascino furniture for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms and to place orders, making use of the special exhibition prices!

Consult with designers
Nowadays many people call on interior designers for advice on improving old projects. If this is something that would interest you as well, visit the furniture and design days in Ķīpsala, where certified designers of the Latvian Designers’ Society will provide consultations throughout the exhibition in Hall No. 1. Experts will recommend the best colour palettes for the interior of your dreams, give you advice on the choice of furniture and help you to use space ergonomically. Don’t miss out on your chance!

Furniture and design days in Ķīpsala!
From 18–20 October you will also find exquisite light objects, design accessories and various interior accessories at Ķīpsala, since the Riga international design exposition Design Isle 2019 is going to run in parallel with Baltic Furniture 2019. The latest production is going to be presented by well-known designers and new artists. There you will find designer audio systems, original baths, wooden lamps, leather goods and much more. Find your design gems here! Find out more at:

Baltic Furniture is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Design Isle is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Designers’ Society.

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