Original Ceramics Design Debut at Design Isle 2019

What original ceramics design solutions do the designers offer? Find out at the Latvian Designers’ Society exposition at Design Isle 2019 from 18–20 October. Take a look at some of the masterpieces right now!

Dish and bowl with dill
A Latvian meal without dill? Unthinkable! What if we worked the dill motif into crockery? The thick dill clusters in the garden inspired the artist to create a dish and a bowl with a depiction of the herb. The crockery is made of grey stone and painted with tinted porcelain; however, the author has also added a mysterious symbol – the golden face.

Water-inspired vase
The designer was inspired to create one of the “Motion” collection vases by the movement of water. The 25 cm diameter makes the vase perfect for creating a wide variety of flower arrangements, and it is also easy to take care of. In order to create a practical product, the author conducted a survey and determined the basic principles of functionality and aesthetics. Making use of a mould allows for mass production of the vase.

Sound-made vases
These vases do not tip over! It’s just an illusion created by the use of a special technique – each vase has been individually deformed by sound vibration, thus creating a unique shape. The artist wishes to combine sound and material, thus shaping the simple items in an artistic and innovative form, while also maintaining their main function.

Crockery set “Rhythmic”
The “Rhythmic” set is perfect for serving fruit, berries and other delicacies of nature. The bowls are made of pieces of varying sizes, created from malleable porcelain and arranged in rhythmic circles. The light design pieces of crockery are both practical and decorative elements of a modern interior.

Crockery set “Finding Joy”
The colourful and irregular crockery set is perfectly suited for leisurely weekend mornings! Cups, bowls, small and large plates have been created by slip-casting, making use of three colours. The creator of the design recommends combining the sets and creating unusual colour combinations!

Crockery set “Brick”
A crockery set symbolising the conceptual foundation of architecture – a brick! One of the contestants has chosen a creative approach to Latvian clay, creating a brick-like cup, dish, vase and jug. The pieces of the set have the characteristic colour and shape of clay, and such a design solution will surely attract attention in any interior!

Sip some sap
Each spring, birch sap is tapped. And you need proper crockery to drink it from! The shape of the porcelain carafe and glass is inspired by ethnographic items – cibas (small wooden boxes) that were once made of birch bark. The set makes use of two tonal solutions: dark pigment that brings a birch trunk to mind, and a transparent glaze. These and other professionally made pieces are on display from 18–20 October in Ķīpsala.

Get to know the designers
Visit the Latvian Designers’ Society exposition and meet the participants of the “Crockery” contest! The exhibition gives a chance not only to find out the current trends in design and home furnishing, but also an opportunity to consult with experienced interior designers. Schools and institutions present their latest achievements as well: in the Design Arena exposition you will see pupils’ and students’ diploma and qualification works on display throughout the exhibition.

Furniture and design days in Ķīpsala!
As you know, from 18–20 October the exhibitions Design Isle 2019 and Baltic Furniture 2019 are going to run in parallel; there you will find modern furniture, exquisite light objects, design accessories, interior accessories and much more. Read more at: www.mebelesundizains.lv

Design Isle is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Designers’ Society.

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