EMKO: simply smart design for inspiring interiors

This October, for the very first time EMKO furniture and home-accessories collection will be on display in Riga, at Design Isle fair.

Carefully made in the Baltics, EMKO items are already appreciated worldwide – awarded with international design prizes as well as showcased at Europe’s major design shows.

EMKO stand this year will highlight a few main themes, such as lounge or workplace interior, all carefully selected and decorated in warm nude tones.

Also, some more attention will be drawn to multifunctional cabinet “Pill”, which is not only a great eyecatcher but from now on features a functional collaboration with JUNG electrical installation components.

Detailed descriptions of EMKO items:

Multifunctional Pill
Designer: Dalius Razauskas

The Multifunctional Pill works great in the treatment against clutter and messy environments. The Pill is a round cabinet that works fixed to a wall and can instantly transform into a fully functional working place, a dressing table, or even a bar! Attach it at standard table height, a bit higher or a bit lower – it’s your choice. The shelving system inside is designed with the idea to allow the user to change and adapt it easily: it can fit a laptop, standard files, catalogues, books or any other personal belongings. Furthermore, the Pill comes equipped with JUNG sockets and the option of integrating LED lights. The materials and the fittings used into manufacturing are providing a reliable desk transformation and table top stability. Pill suits perfectly to every kind of interior, enabling you to have a hidden space for your items.

Naive Low Chair
Designers: etc.etc.

Being youngest member of Naive family, Naive Low Chair introduces itself with a bright, yet mature and subtle look. Its main visual characteristic is a large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the body. Firm connection between wood, leather and textile serves its function and makes it visually distinctive. After a long day Naive Low is inviting for a cup of coffee or tea, have a relaxing read, or small adventure while watching a movie. It is a companion which values your time and sitting quality; thus, Naive Low is the chair to live with. Like other pieces in this family it features a body that can be easily unscrewed and flat-packed. It is composed of a long-lasting natural materials and suits organically to every background.

Naive Side Tables
Designers: etc.etc.

Naive side tables are available in 3 sizes, each carved out of a single piece of solid ash. A form in between a square and a circle creates a soft and welcoming appearance and will easily adapt to any type of room. The tables can be easily assembled by just screwing the legs in. The tables work well on their own, or all three together.

Naive Ottoman
Designers: etc.etc.

Just like the Naive Low Chair, the Naive Ottoman comes in eight different colours, with the frame being either black or oiled ash wood. The padding is made to aesthetically accommodate the frame, whereas all the solid links between the different materials result in a highly reliable piece of furniture. Soft, welcoming and easy to assemble, this delightful ottoman perfectly fits any environment.

“Dew” Mirror
Designer: Rasa Balaišė

If we want to be amazed, we don’t need things that are supernatural – nature is super enough as it is. Just take a glance at the morning or evening dew beautifully shaping on the various faces of plants. Inspired by such dewdrops, designer Rasa Balaišė created a mirror named Dew, which is a chic tribute to the phenomenon’s reflective yet aesthetic qualities. Available in three sizes, Dew can be bronze, dark grey or classical, without colour. It also has its own four little “droplets” acting as functional details: you can place these bubble-shaped glass accessories on the lower surface – they are able to hold light jewellery, at the same time matching the chosen colour scheme. Just like real dewdrops, the mirror contains both otherworldly charm and crystal-clear function. And just like dew, it freshens things up as well as carries a touch of mystery. So even though it hosts a powerful story of its own, Dew is perfect to fill with your own stylish rituals.

Step Up
Designer: Tore Bleuzé

This simple solution to store shoes and always have them in sight, designed by Tore Bleuzé, feels so obvious and natural that it’s almost strange it hasn’t been used before. All you need to do is gently put STEP UP against a wall and it will do the job. It doesn’t take a lot of space and it can be easily relocated. The smaller version of this shoe rack, the STEP UP Mini, has recently been welcomed into the EMKO range as well. Used by itself for smaller shoes or smaller spaces, or in combination with its “bigger brother”, the STEP UP family can now fit everyone’s needs.

“Torch” Hook
Designer: Tore Bleuzé

Just like a medieval torch, Torch Hook metal bracket is attached to the wall and wooden pin is easily stick in. It is an item of simple yet clever design. You can hang the clothes, jackets or scarves on the wooden pin and place a coat hanger behind it on the specially shaped bracket. The Torch is made of ash wood and powder coated metal, sold in pairs and available in four different colours.
Torch Hook is definitely an eye-catcher on the wall of your own cosy castle.

“Macaron” Floor Lamp
Designer: Silvia Cenal

Silvia Ce?al was inspired by a sweet meringue-based confection made with simple ingredients like eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almond powder. However, making the perfect sweet is not an easy task. Macaron lamp follows the same idea; combining simple materials with the right proportions, in order to get a lamp with personality. Wood conveys us warmth and strength. Along with the cord which links between the two pieces of wood, giving a touch of originality with its texture and colour. It happens quite the same when it comes the Macaron with different flavours combining perfectly in it. After two unbelievably successful years in the market for the pendant lamps, Silvia and EMKO agreed the Floor lamp will surely fit in.

EMKO is a place where simply smart design meets its seekers and creators. The furniture design and home accessory company was established in 2013 and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: the northern Scandinavian, the Western and Eastern European. EMKO welcomes talented designers from across the globe.