Ovi Watch handmade wooden wrist watches

The idea behind Ovi Watch is to produce high-quality, unique wooden watches with a touch of nature and in-house designs that will bring a WOW factor to your everyday wear.

In 2016 a young craftsman and designer Ivo Asns received an opportunity of a lifetime - turning his passion for wood and watches into a thriving business idea. He created the first Ovi Watch as a diploma project in Liepaja Design and Art school. No one would have thought this will become something he would do for a living, but empowered by the people through crowdfunding the first line of handmade wristwatches was brought to the world.

But why Ovi? Well, our founders name is Ivo and when you read his name backwards it reads Ovi. We are not using any manufacturers to produce our watches and to keep high quality we are producing all of the Ovi Watch Collection in our hometown Liepaja. We are constantly expanding our reach as our different collections are being worn in over 40 countries worldwide and we are not stopping there.

We create wooden watches, wooden wall clocks and offer customization so anyone can create their own unique watch that will bring joy for years to come. We also embrace other accessories like wooden sunglasses to enjoy sunny weather in style.