Aesthetic design wooden washbasins – Qinn Designs

Qinn Designs brand will introduce the visitors to an exclusive design hardwood washbasin, providing a chance to see this innovative product in person, feel the satin-soft finish of the surface, evaluate the quality and design nuances. It will be possible to meet the creators, place orders and discuss custom design solutions.

The concept of the brand is based on aesthetic, fluent shapes, unique combination of materials and details, high quality and functionality. Qinn Designs washbasins are made of finest quality noble and exotic solid woods and have a touch of unique added to them by special Damascus stainless steel buttons. The distinctive pattern of this rare steel harmonizes perfectly with the natural warmth of wood for a sophisticated combination. Rich shades, clean lines and strength of nature is captured within a timeless design that inspires similar uplifting peace as the one felt outdoors.

SIA Qinn Design specializes in the production of solid wood design sinks and interior elements. The company team provides a full cycle of service from design to a finished product. The products are characterized by high quality, innovative design, attention to details and customized solutions.