Zelma Kraft – leather craft design

Handmade nature leather handbags and accessories that combine historical craftsmanship traditions with modern technology and design to create unique products.

Use of high-quality natural materials ensures to product positive properties, durability and high comfort when worn.

Saddle Bags - The leather on the surface of the bag is dyed with a traditional dyeing technique that gives it character and personality, giving it a vintage look. Seddle bag has a classic cut, which come from the design of a horse-drawn carriage. Bag construction has simple and aesthetic design.

Anba bags - Transformer bag - Backpack / Hand bag / Shoulder bag. The carabine system provides a variety of wearing options. Lace decorative patterns are made whit laser technology. The colorful and bright ethnographic ornaments give a feeling of Latvian belonging.

Creating each product. Every need, problem is solved by the simplest methods, creating an aesthetic, minimalist product with the idea of a more comfortable life, with added value.

Our values are sustainable design, quality and identity!