AIPLights – Professional LED Lighting

Innovative and Professional lighting solutions for various complexity projects that combines design, practicality, high quality and guarantee. AIPLights Premium recessed, ceiling and pendant LED light luminaires reveals flowing and gracious lines which unnoticed embeds in the interior of your choice, assuring stress free atmosphere and comfort. New in Latvia Market: Magnetic LED Track systems and modular luminaires.

Outdoor LED lighting
Historic cultural monuments, Landscape Architecture, Buildings of National Importance, Private Sector, Industrial Environment require careful selection of lighting. Outdoor LED lighting, by the influence of modern technology, surpasses any daring idea that requires the support of professionals. The AIPLights team will provide professional advice on light objects of any complexity, improving the aesthetic pleasure of lighting as well as reducing overall project costs in real terms. Functionality, economic justification and quality in every AIPLights product!

Indoor LED lighting
High quality and sophisticated design lighting for indoor use - for AIPLights is a common practice. The modern customer is open to every innovative trend and is keen on accepting unusual, creative and smart lighting solutions. In practice, the lighting projects implemented by AIPLights demonstrate a comprehensive and creative approach to every, even the most demanding customer.

Indoor lighting is diverse and includes: recessed, ceiling, suspended, wall, floor, Track system, magnetic and other luminaires. The AIPLights Premium LED luminaire line reveals flowing and graceful lines that blend seamlessly into the interior of your choice, providing a cozy atmosphere and comfort.
AIPLIGHTS is based on direct collaboration with well-known brands such as: CREE, Philips, Osram, Citizen, Bridgelux, Samsung, Toynia, Meanwell, GLP, Delta etc. AIPLIGHTS has participated in the realization of such lighting projects as: SWEDBANK, Bank of Latvia, KNAUF, Lauma, SCANIA, PORSCHE, Riga Plaza, Akropole, Domina, Alfa, REDLINE, Prieka Vēsts, etc.

Magnetic LED Luminaire systems
Creative, easily transformable and adaptable, invisible and most effective, these are the options for indoor magnetic track systems and LED luminaires. AIPLights represents the latest and most modern lighting systems in Latvia. Magnetic and modular LED lighting systems easily fit into the interior, creating a unique and slightly futuristic design and ambient lighting effect. In the long run, AIPLights will create a high aesthetic enjoyment, practicality, and create a cost-effective and economically sound project solution.

AIPLIGHTS, Ltd. Was established in 2011, its core business idea is supplying professional luminaire analogs to projects, reducing the cost of lighting projects. Project illumination in DIALUX software, spectrometric illumination measurements for completing projects.