How to choose a mattress – find out at Baltic Furniture 2019!

The key to a good night’s sleep is a properly selected mattress. To discover, try and choose from different types of mattresses offered by leading Latvian and foreign manufacturers you are welcome to attend the “Baltic Furniture 2019” trade show to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 18–20 October.

“A good night’s sleep is vital for a human being, given that people spend almost one third of their life sleeping. There are three factors that directly affect a human body – a comfortable sleeping position, mattress and pillow. The quality of sleep, of course, is also affected by bedroom temperature, lighting, sounds, emotional state and physical well-being. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all mattress, but there are several technical characteristics to consider when choosing the right one for you,” explains Sandija Bergmane, a certified physiotherapist at SPARS Physiotherapy Clinic.

Preference – a firm mattress
How firm your mattress should be? Researchers recommend choosing a medium firm to firm mattress and point out that the higher is your body weight, the firmer mattress should be, and vice versa. As a sleeping person changes body position approximately 20 times during sleep, these movements should not cause excessive energy consumption, so the mattress should be neither too firm nor too soft. Try out different mattresses at “Baltic Furniture” and choose the one that suits you best!

Size is not everything
Many people dream of a huge bed, but in fact, it is not necessary to get a good night’s sleep! Physiotherapist S. Bergmane points out that the mattress size should be at least 15 cm longer than the height of the person and 40 cm wider than the shoulder width. If you do not want to buy a standard size mattress, you can order it tailor made according to your wishes. Moreover, mattresses will be available at very special prices during “Baltic Furniture 2019”!

The importance of cushioning materials
There is a lot more options than you think – coil, buckwheat and different foam mattresses. However, the material must also be considered: whether it is breathable, hypoallergenic, with adequate thermal insulation and moisture permeability. Several companies will showcase mattresses of different types and materials, let you try them and find the best one! For example, Tempur will offer pressure relieving and temperature sensitive material that adapts and conforms to a sleeper’s body, while Unikulma will invite visitors to undertake a free UnikLab computer-based testing that allows to develop a personalized mattress.

Sleep aid – a pillow
People usually seek specialist’s advice, if they experience discomfort and pain while sleeping. Ms S. Bergmane explains that there is no one correct sleeping position, but a pillow can ease the pain. If you sleep on your back, then in case of low back pain, it is recommended to place a pillow under the back of your knees. If you sleep on your side, insert a pillow between your knees, under your waist and head. Many people love sleeping on a stomach with a pillow under their head, but this is not recommended by physiotherapists as it can cause asymmetric tension in the neck, dizziness and headache.

Come and try!
If you are looking for the right mattress, visit “Baltic Furniture 2019”, 18–20 October, where specialists from Matraču Meistars, Delux Dreams, Unikulma,, Lonas, Mēbeles OR, Tempur and other companies will help you choose the best. Participating companies will also offer pillows, beds and furniture for different premises and an opportunity to order furniture choosing both upholstery and colour!

Furniture and design days in Kipsala!
Hunt for sophisticated lighting fixtures, designer decors, unique accessories at the Riga International Design Fair “Design Isle 2019” occurring simultaneously. Experienced designers and young artists will present their latest products to visitors. The product range includes design audio systems, original bathtubs, stylised tables, wooden lamps and lots of other things. Find your design gem in Kipsala!

“Baltic Furniture” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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