On value based furniture and interior design – Metta Steel

Are You looking for solid and long lasting values in design? In the booth of Metta Steel You will be introduced with long-lasting furniture for home and public space. Here you will find over 300 kg heavy metal frame bed with concrete and oak elements, metal lamps, solid oak shelves and special bar stools.

Metta Steel furniture and interior decorations have been created inspiring from austerity of Northern nature and extraordinary power of urban industrialism. Bringing together iron ore, purity of glass, oak wood and reinforced concrete, a value-based design has been created, complemented by state-of-the-art industrial technology solutions, perfect powder coating, tinted concrete and outstanding solid wood processing.

This furniture will serve for next generations without losing its appearance and functionality.

Metta Steel team provides complete cycle of services, essential to turn Your idea into an eco-friendly design product - furniture or interior decorations, in the same time providing outstanding quality, sustainability, uniqueness and professionalism at every step and detail.