“Radošā darbnīca Cepļi”- offers unique handmade ceramic dishes

During the exhibition will be presented the latest collection of dishes "Gray Romantic”.

Practical tableware, both everyday and festive, for people who value diversity, randomness and the uniqueness of their handwork. Made of white stoneware on a potter’s wheel. Burning temp. 1250 ° C.

The basic concept is simplicity of form and functionality. Accent - a blue-gray glaze created in a coincidence interaction of two glazes, making each dish unique.

IK”Radošā darbnīca Cepļi”, reg. LV44102018372, has been operating since 1998 in small-scale customized dish designs. Address: “Cepļi”, Skultes parish, Limbažu county, LV-4025.