Design Elevator offer trainings and design consultancy

The company’s goal is to promote design thinking and user-centered design. We offer trainings and design consultancy, new product design and development together with our customers, and improvement of existing products and services, using design thinking techniques to promote innovation, process efficiency, and in-depth understanding of user needs. We want to promote the use of design thinking beyond the design community and enable it to be used by professionals in all fields and sectors, so we offer design thinking training and workshops, provide advice on the use of design thinking in public, municipal and private sector activities, and develop training materials and methods. 

Design thinking will benefit everyone in different contexts. There is no need to become a designer, but it is important to develop a mind-set of design thinking. Be inquisitive - ask questions even about the obvious! Be Yourself - listen to others, draw conclusions based on your observations!’ — ČĀRLZS (CHARLES) BUŠMANIS Founder of ‘Design Elevator’