Linda Lazdiņa Gunde Design original jewelery made of natural leather

Jewelry with character on each exemplare: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings. New: interpretations of the great archaeological broochesof the Alsunga

Natural leather is a noble material with proven value. This is a lightweight material - ideal for crafting jewelry. Gunde Design means creations from natural leather and fur. Every piece this jewelry got particular uniqueness in it.

Jewelry collection represents creative compilations of author’s personal feelings of the time and fashion.

Styling of ethnographic inheritances includes not only Latvian traditions but transforms various ethnographic material timestamps into flow of time removing national and historic borders.

Linda Lazdiņa, self-employed, author of Gunde Design Jewelry Collections. LMA Bachelor, LDS member. Participant in international symposiums and exhibitions in the field of photography.