Meet Spanish THALISSI cosmetics!

Finally we are HERE! Spanish THALISSI cosmetics for professionals since 1969…
Pioneer on the field of Inmune complex that helps the body to fight and prevent certain infections or illnesses specific to the skin, preventing ageing and recovering Cellular Youth...We are looking clients and partners - Distributor for the Baltic States-Renata Survilienė, +370 638 24725

Philosophy If you seek Cosmetics with......
Floral Waters
Natural Sugars
Pure Essential Oils
Ecological Medicinal Plants
Regulatory and self-protective effects on the skin
Visible and lasting rejuvenating effects
Certified Quality
Certified Environmentally Friendly
Certified Organic Farming
Bioactive products that provide Beauty,
Health and Wellbeing
Vegetable Oils first cold-pressed

Good Manufacturing Practices GMP Certification
& without...
Mineral Oils
Formaldehyde releasing compounds
Experimentation on animals
Environmental Pollution
PABA (Para-amino-benzoic)
GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)
Petroleum, Synthetic colouring,
Artificial Perfumes
Chemical Sunscreens

your brand is THALISSI...
for your Health...
for your Beauty...
for the Planet...