See the proof of Latvian persistence and creativity at Baltic Beauty 2019!

The cosmetics industry continues to grow and develop worldwide. The Latvian companies are persistent, too, realising new and even impulsive ideas, investing in innovative solutions and delighting with competitive products and services. As soon as 8–10 November, during the Baltic Beauty 2019 trade fair, the Magnetic Latvia exposition is going to present cosmetics created by Latvian brands. But let’s get acquainted first!

D.Eco Cosmetics – from deodorants to lip balms!

The Latvian D.Eco Cosmetics brand was created by the painter Rita Pranča and her eldest daughter, Frančeska. The company is based in Baldone Municipality and produces all-natural ZeroWaste eco deodorants for adults and teenagers. The range of products offered by the Latvian company also includes body care items, such as hand and foot creams, lip balms and soaps. Baltic Beauty 2019 visitors will also get to know the hottest new item: Just OaK, an eco deodorant for men with oak extract and green orange essential oil.

RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro – cosmetics based on scientific research
Patient questions regarding skincare at home and sensitive skin manifesting as redness, peeling, dry patches, early wrinkles and even rash prompted doctor Ludmila Stavro-Freiberga to create a new cosmetics brand: RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro. Cosmetics development is based on scientific research, corneotherapy methodology and a holistic approach to skincare and lifestyle as a whole. The cosmetics consist of valuable and environmentally friendly ingredients: membrane lipids are used as emulsifiers, providing skincare and acting as building material for the skin’s protective barrier. Moreover, the products are multifunctional: for example, the skin cleansing emulsion can also be used as a restoring day and night cream.

The Beard Cosmetics – cosmetics for proper beards

“Real men need proper beards, and proper beards require proper care!” claims Nauris Strujevičs, owner of The Beard Cosmetics brand; his experience during a procedure at a barbershop prompted Nauris to create his own business. At the moment, the Strujeviči family not only have their own cosmetics brand, but also a chain of hairdresser salons for men; the salons use cosmetics products created by the brand. The Beard Cosmetics offers products for beard care – beard oils and balms made from 100% natural and eco certified ingredients (OF&G). If you also require products that moisten the beard, soften it and make it easy to style, do not miss out on the Magnetic Latvia exposition during the Baltic Beauty 2019 trade fair!

BioKidd – safe face paints for children
The Creative Cosmetics company was founded by two mothers, driven by the idea to create natural colour cosmetics that would be safe for children. By combining their knowledge and skills, both women created an environmentally friendly brand – BioKidd. The paints are made from beeswax, clay and mineral rocks and their creamy consistency makes them both easy to apply (no extra water is needed) and to wash off the skin. Warm water is enough! The colours are suitable for sensitive skin and are safe for children. The Baltic Beauty 2019 visitors will have a great opportunity to try out the BioKidd paints for themselves!

Silmachy remedies – environmentally and human friendly cosmetics
The Silmachy remedies brand was born in Baldone, house Silmači, surrounded by woods and meadows. The products are made by a certified pharmacist and contain 70% Soil Association or Ecocert certified ingredients and 30% naturally obtained ingredients in order to ensure maximum herbal efficiency and highlight their characteristics in each product. “We are proud of our latest products – the shampoo soap and hard conditioner that are available both in easily recyclable paper packaging and packaging-free. The composition of the products (herb-based ingredients are used), method of production, as well as consistency, use and effectiveness – all these aspects make the products unique. It is easy to use them both at home and while travelling. If you use them correctly, they are more efficient and last longer than liquid shampoos and conditioners,” says the creator of Silmachy remedies. The trade fair will feature hair cosmetic products that are popular among both men and women, hand and lip balms, shaving soaps and aftershave lotions, cosmetic products for men: beard oils and balms, moustache wax and the famous Mikey’s ointment.

INEX Cosmetics – holistic skin care
The INEX Cosmetics company started out two years ago, specialising in innovations in the premium cosmetics sector. Homeopathic doctor Inguna Vecvagare creates the formulas for INEX Cosmetics products. At the moment, the main focus of the company is a holistic approach to skincare – both internal and external, as evidenced by the brand name. IN – internal – the pearls take care of the internal treatment of the skin, EX – external – the creams treat the skin externally. Skincare also begins with improving the overall health of the body!

Anne Nature – beauty, care, well-being and harmony
Anne Nature is an Ecocert certified natural cosmetics brand created in Latvia that ensures all the essentials of body care are met – clean and radiant complexion, shining and healthy hair, as well as moisturised and silky smooth skin. In Turkish, “Anne” means “mother”, and this concept is also the philosophical motif for the Anne Nature product line. The products combine the valuable oils from the sunny southern lands with the potent and powerful herbal and berry extracts obtained from Latvian nature. The design is based on the flower of life, symbolising the beginnings of life. Visit Anne Nature at the trade fair, and you will find shampoos, balms, fluids and other natural cosmetic products for your beauty!

Be.Loved – beauty and strength from nature
Be.Loved natural cosmetics are also produced in Latvia! Interestingly, it was Kinga Pawlowska, a Polish yoga teacher that moved to Latvia, who came up with this idea. The creed of Be.Loved is minimalism – to use the most potent, highly concentrated extracts obtained directly from nature without causing it any harm or exploiting it. Living in harmony with nature reflects a person’s inner beauty, and this can also be seen on one’s face. Be.Loved message is: you are beautiful, you are strong, your strength comes from nature and nature itself strengthens you, providing you with all that you need. Be.Loved offers balms for makeup removal and facial skin cleansing, facial serums, powders and other products.

As you know, on 8–10 November the beauty trade fair Baltic Beauty 2019 is going to take place in Ķīpsala, where in the halls “The World of Beautiful Hair” and “The World of Beautiful Face and Body” various consumer and professional beauty products and services will be presented by more than 355 participants from 20 countries! Both the company expositions and the competition and masterclass areas will not only feature the latest products and demonstrations but also give the visitors an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge.

This year, Baltic Beauty is going to hold 7 valuable conferences, 49 professional competitions, 30 masterclasses and 25 workshops. A new addition to the extensive competition programme is the Artdeco Glam Make-up competition. Check out the Baltic Beauty 2019 event programme at:

The trade fair is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 and Skaistums matu kosmētika in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists – the CIDESCO Section in Latvia, the Latvian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, the Latvian Committee of OMC, the Latvian Association of Stylists, the Union of Nail Care Trade, the Latvian Spa & Wellness Federation and the Latvian Medical Association, the Baltic Image Specialists’ Association, the International Eyelash and Eyebrow Professionals Association, SIA Pigmalions and Aroma Life Institute.

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Trade fair working hours:
8–9 November 11:00–20:00
10 November 11:00–19:00

Entrance ticket – € 6
For pensioners, pupils, disabled – € 4
Children up to the age of 7: free entrance

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