Baltic Beauty 2019 – Grandest Festival of Beauty in the Baltics You Should Visit!

The latest beauty products and services, competitions and demonstrations by hairdressers, beauticians, make-up artists, spa masters and nail technicians, professional advice and exciting shows – enjoy this and more at “Baltic Beauty 2019”, the grandest beauty industry event of the year, to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia, from 8–10 November. Moreover, the exhibition celebrates its 15th anniversary this year!
“Fifteen years is a very insignificant period of time in the history of civilisation, a remarkable period of life for a human, a confirmation of being an invaluable, anticipated and beloved event for an exhibition. I take pride in the fact that “Baltic Beauty” is not only the leading beauty industry event in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, but also a trusted advisor – people choose “Baltic Beauty” as the place to learn, to get advice, to find out the latest news and diversity of aesthetic treatments,” tells Kristīne Čerņavska, a manager of the World of Beautiful Face and Body section at the “Baltic Beauty” fair.

More than 355 companies from 20 countries participating in the “Baltic Beauty 2019” fair will present the most recent and innovative beauty products and services.

In the World of Beautiful Face and Body hall, visitors will get to know the wide range of services provided in beauty clinics, the latest products, services and a vast variety of equipment-assisted technology: from facial cosmetics to permanent makeup, from eyelash and nail extensions to the latest procedures, from oral hygiene products to epilation and hair removal creams. The World of Beautiful Hair hall, on the turn, will offer not only hair cosmetics, professional tools, accessories and equipment for hairdressing salons, but also opportunities to consult professional hairdressers and watch the shows of the world-renowned hair virtuosi.

“The World of Beautiful Hair Hall will feature an extensive programme of seminars, conferences for hairdressers, and a stage for presentation of the latest hair cosmetics brands for professionals. Here, you will have an opportunity to watch masters in hairdressing working, enjoy very special discounts and seek for professional’s advice! The exhibition teaches us to navigate the diverse range of products and services, to choose high-quality products and to maximise the benefits of a dynamic atmosphere,” points out Irina Jevsejeva, a manager of the World of Beautiful Hair.

Multifaceted and invaluable events programme
“Baltic Beauty 2019” will offer 7 invaluable conferences, 49 professional competitions, 30 masterclasses and 25 workshops. A new addition to the extended competition programme is the Artdeco Glam Makeup Competition.

International Hairstyling Festival

The exhibition will host a major professional competition, the XXV International Hairstyling Festival, which will bring together hairdressers and hairdressing school students from Latvia and abroad. Hairdressers will compete and showcase their fashion vision by creating contemporary looks, unusual haircuts and hairstyles, sophisticated bridal and fantasy hairstyles, and will amaze audience with unimaginable images.

Show of charming hairstyles
On 9 November, the exhibition will offer the Ollin Professional hairstyle show “Artwork” inspired by the world’s most magnificent works of art. This show is a wonderful world of beautiful paintings, inspiring muses and the biggest trends in the art of hairdressing. The event will be hosted by the famous TV personality Maija Silova. Register to attend the show sending an email to:

Conference on the effectiveness of vitamins
Should a pregnant woman take vitamins? What is the importance of vitamin A and vitamin E? Can you do without taking vitamin D every day? – these and many other topical questions about vitamins will be discussed at the Interdisciplinary Conference “Vitamins – For and Against” of the Latvian Medical Association to be held on 9 November.
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The best beauticians to be celebrated
It is so great to find someone who makes you look better, feel better, and even harmonize your inner world. Beauty professionals know how to create that great feeling that someone is caring for you. And one of those "wizards" is a beautician! Awareness of the professional skills of beauty professionals, cosmetics, quality and health-friendly services is essential in the search of you master. On 9 November, “Baltic Beauty” will honour the laureates of the “My Beautician” event held by the Latvian Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists.

Conference on the healing power of essential oils
On 10 November, the exhibition will host the 3rd Regional Aroma Life Conference to discuss the effect of essential oils in sweets and cosmetics, bathing rituals, on spine health and kinesiology: DNA restoration. “Let’s see the blood under the microscope, because that is where most of the answers for illnesses are stored. Including oncology. Our energy is most directly dependent on the quality of red blood cells and the immune system depends on the quality and quantity of white blood cells. And essential oils are one of the few agents that have the most direct impact on blood quality,” explains Dzintra Čevere, a spokeswoman for Aroma life Latvia.

The Opening Ceremony of “Baltic Beauty 2019” takes place at Hall II “The World of Beautiful Face and Body”, 12.00 on Friday, 8 November.

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The trade fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 and Skaistums matu kosmētika in collaboration with the Latvian Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists – the CIDESCO Section in Latvia, the Latvian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, the Latvian Committee of OMC, the Latvian Association of Stylists, the Union of Nail Care Trade, the Latvian Spa & Wellness Federation, the Latvian Medical Association, the Baltic IMAGE Specialists’ Association, the International Association for Eyelash and Eyebrow Professionals, SIA Pigmalions and Aroma Life Institute.

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