Kaaral will present new line dedicated to an elegant Men – Manniskan

Kaaral is a family company founded almost 40 years ago, dedicated to the professional hairdressing industry producing and exporting worldwide haircare, styling and coloring products for hairstylists.

Kaaral is nowdays a successful Italian professional company that daily works to support and guide hairstylist in their daily craft through high quality research, development and knowledge.
Innovative, high-quality products allow us to create new innovative products to satisfy every desire and needs of our clients.

Kaaral is synonymous of community where professionals from hair sector and consumers always feel themselves like a family member.

First time in Baltic Beauty exposing the most brilliant ultimate color collection, hair care products and new line dedicated to an elegant and unique Men: Manniskan. A complete range of products for a unique men with a total new and modern packaging.

Please visit our website for a complete overview of our company, history and brand portfolio on www.kaaral.com.