Discover the healing power of essential oils at “Baltic Beauty 2018”!

Smart use of essential oils will protect you from various bacteria and viruses, reduce stress, improve brain function and concentration, help to treat coughing, runny nose and even angina. Everyone willing to learn about the benefits of using essential oils is welcome to attend the Baltic Regional Conference "Aroma Power: Health, Beauty, Abundance" to be held during “Baltic Beauty 2018” at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 2 November.

"Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years! However, it was undeservedly forgotten due to the victory of pharmaceutical chemistry. Only now, when many side effects are emerging from the uncontrolled use of medical products, we are turning again to the ancient wisdom that has long been there. Why do people choose pharmaceutical drugs? Why, even when they have essential oils at home, they do not use them? This is a lack of information! Therefore, I invite everyone to attend the conference and discover the possibilities of using essential oils," says Aļona Zaporožčenko, an aromatherapist, psychologist and co-founder of Aroma Life Institute.

Among the conference speakers ? instructors and aromatherapists ? sharing their experience will be the director of International Business Intelligence and the Ambassador for essential oils Dale Billeter (USA), who will speak on the subject “Aromatherapy: wisdom of the past ? discoveries of the present”, the systemic and family therapist and yoga instructor Aļona Zaparožčenko who will introduce to the subject “Essential oils for transformation”. The founder of the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation and the director of Health Energy Center Irina Baidake will tell about using essential oils in healing. The holistic coach and aromatologist Anna Maria (France) will explain how to use essential oils for goal setting and achieving. Speakers will relate on the benefits of using essential oils in skincare and rejuvenation, and aromatherapy for children. The use of aromatherapy is very wide. You can make sure of it yourself! Detailed conference program:

Some tips for a day-to-day use of essential oils
Keep fruits and berries fresh for longer!

Add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil to water and wash fruits and berries. Lemon oil destroys unfavourable bacteria and microorganisms, so the fruits and berries will stay fresh for longer.

Feel energised without coffee

2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil in a diffuser will improve your mind and concentration abilities. Rosemary oil has a good effect on memory and improves brain function. Rosemary, along with lemon, will make you feel energized all day long.

Overloaded muscles
Salt and the essential oil of citrus added to your leg bath will quickly return strength and ease to your feet after a hard workday. Adding cypress oil will also improve the condition of veins in your legs. The essential oils of marjoram and wintergreen will be a real salvation to athletes with overloaded muscles.

Focus and concentration
The combination of lavender and lemon oils is especially good for children as it helps to keep focus, improves concentration thus helping avoid negligence errors. Kids may also wear a clay pendant on which the oil mix is dropped. It will protect from viruses in a kindergarten or school.

Protection from viral infections
Eucalyptus, pine oil and the famous blend "Thieves" are indispensable agents in the air treatment during the virus epidemic. This combination will perfectly keep the barrier between health and viruses. A handkerchief impregnated with essential oils when in public transport, on the street or at work, will help you protect yourself from bacteria. A hot water bath with eucalyptus oil will help reduce or even stop your runny nose.

Essential oils in cooking
Essential oils can also be used in cooking! Have you ever tried a lavender pie or lavender ice cream? Dressing for salad will be very healthy by adding drops of basil, marjoram or rosemary essential oil to olive oil.

Young Living offers over 30 blends for solving various emotional problems. They help to deal with trauma, the power of forgiveness and recover from the past. Create your "bottle of happiness" and use it when you feel sad. Oil will help reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep and return to happy moments of life.
"Essential oils are a delicate, airy substance, also called the soul of a plant. Only essential oils can heal the human psyche and soul that is beyond the reach of science. Moreover, of course, if we talk about such high psychological topics, we should talk about this very high vibration frequency of essential oils. It is significantly higher than that of a human body and makes essential oils differ from other products," explains Dzintra Čevere, a representative of Aroma Life Latvia.

Adding a few drops of rose, geranium or ylang ylang oil can improve the quality of an existing cream. Clay masks, peeling and massages with essential oils are very effective. Moreover, oils not only provide a cosmetic effect, but they also stabilise senses and emotions.

The 2nd Baltic Regional Conference "Aroma Power: Health, Beauty, Abundance" will be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, conference room 1, 2 November 09.45-18.40. Organiser: Aroma Life Latvia.


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On 2–4 November, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will host the biggest beauty industry event in the Baltics, where more than 340 companies from 20 countries around the world will present the latest developments in the beauty industry. This year, the section “The World of Beautiful Face and Body” offers six large-scale international beauty conferences and the same number of conferences is presented in the section “The World of Beautiful Hair”. Conferences will be attended by speakers from at least 13 countries. Read more:

The trade fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 and Skaistums matu kosmētika in collaboration with the Latvian Association of Cosmeticians and Cosmetologists – the CIDESCO Section in Latvia, the Latvian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, the Latvian Committee of OMC, the Latvian Association of Stylists, the Union of Nail Care Trade, the Latvian Spa & Wellness Federation, the Latvian Medical Association, the Baltic Image Specialists’ Association, the International Association for Eyelash and Eyebrow Professionals, SIA Pigmalions and Aroma Life Institute.

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