Dead Sea derived skin care products at “Goldi” cosmetics

“Goldi” is a professional skin care company from Israel that has a complete line of Dead Sea derived skin care products, including face care and body care products. They will advise and show the visitors of "Baltic Beauty 2017" benefits and needs with detailed information about the ingredients and will present the latest news and trends during. 

“Goldi” cosmetics is based on 21 Dead Sea minerals, 12 of which are not found in any other world sea. “Goldi” cosmetics is unique not only in the fact that it is rich in natural ingredients, but does not contain parabens, which can cause allergic or other badly reactions. From ancient times until now, the Dead Sea minerals and secrets of the human body fascinates scientists. Historical sources say that the Dead Sea salt and mud used Queen of Sheba and beautiful Cleopatra. Doctors, biologists and dermatologist analyzed the components of this mystery, until finally used them in cosmetics, that you can feel the greatest effect and its benefits. Enjoy! Love and enjoy yourself! Give yourself the best! Skin-care product line manufacturers downed you the best components, education and experience. It now remains only to decide which products you choose!

All the products are made in Israel.