Get acquainted with VitalMedica premium class health products

"VitalMedica" and its internet shop offer innovative and premium quality food supplements for health and vitality from EU-based company Olimp Laboratories. For the development and production of these supplements only the latest scientific and technological approaches are applied.

In the VitalMedica booth visitors will be introduced with the newest beauty and vitamin products from Olimp Laboratories, which are produced using state-of-art and premium quality components and technologies:

Flow Caps™ Liquid Technology is a unique and advanced capsule-manufacturing technology that preserves the active ingredients from oxidation, thus guaranteeing high bioavailability and biostability. Hard gelatine capsule with the substance inside of it is a new method of delivering the active ingredients as it provides notably faster and easier absorption of the active components.

Albion® Gold Medallion guarantees that minerals, which are used in the products, are in the form of unique organic molecules - chelates - and this ensures their rapid absorption and maximum appliance in the organism. Albion® chelates are highly functional as their molecule’s tiny size is immediately transported to the cell and used.

Pure Way-C ® is patented, next generation vitamin C formula enriched with citrus bioflavonoids which ensures fast absorption of vitamin C and its effective appliance in the organism. Pure Way-C ® contains a microcapsulated L-ascorbin acid and citrus bioflavonoids which support the immune system, and is stomach-friendly.