At first, we buy with our eyes! Motor Show “Auto 2020” offers advice for women on how to choose a suitable car!

The biggest automotive industry exhibition in the Baltic states “Auto 2020” will take place from 17 to 19 April in Ķīpsala, which for the twenty fifth time will present the latest topics in the industry and offer a wide range of the latest car models. But how do you choose the most suitable one for you? This time, observations and advice from the car expert and journalist Normunds Avotiņš, will be especially for women. But it will be useful for men as well!

It may seem that small and economic cars with a feminine design are more suitable for women, however, when observing the cars on the Latvian roads with women behind the wheel and analysing various survey data, we can definitely say – ladies in cars want to feel noticed and different! Whereas safety is one of the most important aspects for any driver – it does not matter whether a woman or a man is behind the wheel. Journalist Normunds Avotiņš point out that all kinds of elevated vehicles, from small SUV’s to cross-country type vehicles, claim to be the perfect car in Latvia for women: “The most popular car in Latvia for a woman is a front-wheel drive crossover with automatic transmission!”

“At first, they buy with their eyes! Design, safety and practicality are the main factors women in Latvia consider when choosing their cars,” say car expert Normunds Avotiņš, describing the mindset of women, who admits that character affects our emotions, whereas the emotional world determines the choice of the car. Here are some matters that should be considered before buying a car!

Define your actual needs!
Everyone has a dream car – small pink beetle, fast sports car or a grand jeep for all roads and off-road. However, in order to choose the most appropriate candidate, it is important to understand the purpose of the car. Every stage of life requires a vehicle suitable for specific needs, so you should evaluate your needs! Ask yourself the question – how many seats does your car need? How big is the boot space? Which roads are you planning to drive on? And even really feminine questions – do you need lighting and a mirror in your car? It may seem unbelievable, but even today there are actually cars that do not have these things! And space for a woman’s purse is still forgotten. “An interesting fact – when Volvo established a design and concept department consisting of only women, even they forgot about this,” says Normunds Avotiņš.

Must have package
The car definitely has to have heated seats, preferably, also the back seats. Nowadays, even the robust Dacia Duster has this! A heated steering wheel is very useful in the rainy winters of Latvia. Nowadays, buyers desire increasingly safer cars, therefore the presence of assistants is also important. Lane assist, safe distance control, extreme brake system, rear camera, preferably 360 degrees, are also in demand. Since in Latvia there is a long period of darkness, roads are poorly illuminated and lack signs, and wild animals are crossing them, you should choose xenon or LED lights for the car. A very topical and required aspect is adaptive radar cruise control, which not only adjusts the speed, but also maintains a safe distance from vehicles ahead and has automatic braking. The car should also have an automatic boot lid mechanism, which keeps the hands clean and allows women to conveniently load their shopping bags.

Drive more than two blocks!

An incorrect and uncomfortable driving position can make the driver get tired very quickly. Therefore, it is very important to make sure you feel comfortable in the vehicle before buying it. Moreover, the test drive should be more than just two blocks. If you are unable to adjust to a comfortable position, it will not be possible later either. Vehicle manufacturers still face the challenge of creating a seat that is perfect for all statures, habits and body types. Ergonomics of the vehicle, boarding and disembarking, play a significant role for females. Considering the peculiarities of women’s clothing, it would be best to check whether you can easily get in the car. Quite often the ergonomics of a car can be challenging!

If it is small, it should be bright!
Women are still braver than men when it comes to the colour of the vehicle, if, of course, it does not concern a sports car. Women will buy a white, red or yellow car more often than men. However, the most popular car colour charts in Latvia are consistently dominated by different shades of grey, silver and black tones. “When buying a small car, for safety reasons it would be better to choose a bright car rather than black or grey. So you are more noticeable!” suggests the vehicle expert.

Find out the size of tyres
Remember, that small jeeps and crossovers have quite unusual tyre sizes, therefore it is important to clarify this before buying the vehicle. “It is quite easy to buy, for example, a Nissan Qashqai at a big discount, but it may turn out later that it has 19 inch rims. These rims require specific tyres and if you have to buy tyres for winter, they may be surprisingly expensive,” says Normunds Avotiņš.

Car dealer next to home!
If you don’t have any preferences or weakness for a specific brand of car, you should choose a car whose dealer centre is near, or next to your home, so you don’t have to drive to the other side of the city. “Cars require regular maintenance, therefore it is important for the dealer centre to be along the way and close to home,” points out the car expert.

Acquire extended warranty!
Nowadays the maximum warranty for a new vehicle is seven years, as it is, for example, for KIA. But it does not make it a perfect car! Many cars have a five year warranty, two years is the minimum. In addition to the warranty of a new vehicle, you can buy an extended warranty for an additional fee. Normunds Avotiņš points out – if you are planning to use the vehicle for at least five years, extended warranty is a necessity: “Knowing that modern cars may have electronic and a variety of other errors, it is better to spend money on an extended warranty. I will not name specific brands of vehicle, but the question is not whether, but when the problems will start. This is a modern reality! There is tough competition, fast car movement, a car facelift every three years, and every five – a new model. New vehicles will not drive a million kilometres as an old Mercedes would. Just like household appliances, vehicles are bulk goods, only on wheels!”

The most spectacular motor show of the Baltic states in April, in Ķīpsala!
For three days from 17 to 19 April, Ķīpsala will gather enthusiasts for the most spectacular motor show in the Baltic states – international motor show “Auto 2020”, which will present the latest car models and commercial transport, the most impressive tuning masterpieces and topics in the industry. It is a great opportunity to see and compare the newest vehicles in an exciting atmosphere. Moreover, representatives of car dealers promise different promotions, special offers and consultations during the motor show. Also, this year the show “Auto” is celebrating 25th anniversary! Motor show “Auto” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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