VIBROFILTR producer of vehicle sound proofing and noise control products.

VIBROFILTR material is used for forming a layer of waterproof insulating vibrations in cars and other places where there is also a need for sound insulation, protection against vibration and corrosion.

Vibration damping material has a multiplayer structure and comprises a layer of ecologically pure composition of butty rubber and aluminium foil. In contrast to the materials, for the production of aluminium is used VIBROFILTR of increased viscosity is obtainable by a specific process. As a result, the material has an increased frequency range impact factor Loss Mechanical (ILC).

VIBROFILTR has Sealing properties, has good anti corrosion characteristics, and adhesion to the metal. The material is pliable and flexible, easy to install, easily conforms to uneven surface and, thanks to the polymer layer of the adhesive does not require a pre-heat prior to installation.

Insulation material VIBROFILTR - the best choice for the optimal combination of performance characteristics, ease of installation and cost.

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