Visbella DIY kits – simply solution for your problems

You were driving your car and little rock broke your windshield? You cherish your car, but headlights are yellow and does not look good? Leather interior dilapidated and need to be renewed? Or maybe your car has bumps and dents on wheels? It’s not a problem – Visbella DIY is best solution for you! 

Professionally equipped to make everything short, perfectly suited for both the professional and simple car lover - Visbella kits are easy to use, made of high quality tools to achieve the desired result in the easiest way.
We will be waiting for you in our stand G11 to check all these kits yourself. Our employees are prepared to answer your questions and provide all information about prodcuts. SPECIAL OFFFER : During Auto 2019 fair get a special Visbella flyer and use it for a discount at our stand G11. See you on AUTO 2019!

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