New markings and tips for road traffic safety — the State Police at the exhibition ‘Auto 2019’

This year, the State Police will take part in the exhibition ‘Auto 2019’, where during all three exhibition days, from 12 to 14 April, it will offer the visitors to have a look at new markings of police vehicles. Visitors will also be able to get useful knowledge about the road traffic safety.

When visiting the State Police’s stand, there will be an opportunity not only to have a look at the new markings, but also to get additional knowledge on how to act in situations when wildlife collisions occur. Young parents will also have an opportunity to get useful information about proper child seat fastening and to try it under supervision of our inspectors. The small ones will also have a chance to engage in different activities such as folding of their police car with new colours from the cardboard.

We remind you that since 12 November of last year, the new markings of the State Police’s vehicles have been included in the National Standard. It means that already now, the State Police is performing their police functions with such vehicles, taking a full care of public road traffic safety, thus responding to everyday calls.

The new markings were created for the State Police in cooperation with the Art Academy of Latvia. They are based on a modern design, functionality and visibility during the day and night time and in poor visibility conditions. The design was inspired by symbols of national identity. In the stylized way, it incorporates the movement and dynamics of the River Daugava, symbolizing the movement towards in the future. The sign of the Laima or the Swab of Laima is also stylishly depicted, symbolizing the eternity and rhythm, and it is a symbol of success, blessing and happiness. 

The new markings for the State Police’s operational vehicles will be changed gradually, replacing them completely in the next three years. See you at the exhibition!