ComfortHome – a new trade show to improve your home and living conditions

Most of us want to keep our finger on the pulse, and in order to do this, we need quality information and expert opinions that the new trade show for housing design, repair, energy saving and comfort technology “ComfortHome 2019” to be held in the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, 27–29 September, will certainly offer.

“People lack quality information about the housing construction process, from planning to managing it. To help you navigate through these processes, make it easier to get information and save time, we offer a new and educational trade show in Kipsala,” tells Roberts Brēde, a project manager of “ComfortHome 2019”.

The objective of “ComfortHome 2019” is to offer to a wide audience a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, quality information on purchasing, designing, building, repairing, improving a home.

“The exhibition will be useful for all those, who look forward to buying property, building, renovating, repairing, or equipping their home with the help of modern technology, or are interested in using resources efficiently. It will also be a cognitive environment for everyone in any stage of housing construction or repair and who needs expert or specialist advice to make further decisions and, if necessary, correct any errors, select quality products and materials,” explains Gints Šāvējs, a project manager of trade show.

Companies taking part in “ComfortHome 2019” will present their latest products, energy efficiency and smart home solutions, information on property acquisition and design, repair, heating, home interior and exterior design! Companies from Latvia, Austria, Croatia and Sweden are already working on their offers for the exhibition. Participants will include the Ministry of Economy, the Latvian Real Estate Association and such Latvian companies as Latvenergo, Grandeg, Vides tehnika, Stikla serviss, Ekostandarts tehnoloģijas, Duo Systems, Divine Heat Company, August Latvia, EVA-SAT, Shevlad, Kerama Baltics, Reliņš, Dakstiņu ražotājs, as well as Hargassner GmbH from Austria, VDK from Russia, Sweden HMS Networks from Sweden and many other companies.

Construction and technology fighting ring
“ComfortHome 2019” also offers the 2nd Buvbaze.lv Forum with the participation of 40 professional speakers from leading construction companies who will engage in tough verbal fights discussing variety of construction and repair solutions, materials, technologies, innovations and smart home systems. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn, compare, evaluate and make their own choices about which solutions, materials and services are the best for them. The motto of fighting ring participants: " We win by the force of better arguments!"

Discussion in the fighting ring will cover the following topics: construction and repair solutions, work control; smart home technologies and innovations; home automation solutions; acquisition of a property or land; loans, insurance; interior and design solutions etc.

Buvbaze.lv Forum will also provide an opportunity to get individual consultations that will be useful for both stakeholders and experts – designers, builders, engineers, architects and other related professionals.

You can still apply for participation!
Although a part of the “ComfortHome 2019” exhibition area is already taken up, companies can still apply for participation. If your company builds modern, comfortable houses or offers various smart home solutions – you are welcome to be part of this event! To apply for participation, please contact the project manager Roberts Brēde (e-mail: roberts.brede@bt1.lv, phone: +371 67065012, mobile: +371 26525243) or Gints Šāvējs (e-mail: gints.savejs@bt1.lv, phone: +371 67065036, mobile: +371 29176207).

Green Expo Riga 2019, the first green economy and lifestyle exhibition in Latvia taking up the other hall of the exhibition centre will present green brands and businesses, environmentally friendly products and services, as well as educational and exciting events for everyone – families with children, healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, businesspeople and industry professionals. Learn more: www.bt1.lv/greenexporiga/

Events are held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Venue and opening hours:

Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia
27–28 September 10.00–18.00
29 September 10.00–17.00