Actual Internet of Things Solutions and Their Use in the Baltics

The Internet of Things is one of the leading technologies in the world and its solutions are used in various industries. Andris Breške, a RIGA COMM manager, emphasizes that more and more companies in the Baltics are successfully implementing intelligent sensor and network infrastructure, increasing productivity and improving competitiveness at local and global level.

Every business professional and technology enthusiast is invited to get acquainted with the IoT solutions and emerging technologies developed in the Baltics and other industry news at the 8th Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference “RIGA COMM 2019” to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia, October 10–11.

Room comfort control – convenience and cost reduction
The Tet company offers the smart-home solution in Latvian with a single, Internet-based management platform and mobile app. The TET Smart Home solution is designed for any heating system, floor heating control, heating management and air quality monitoring to provide a higher level of comfort at home and, without changing everyday habits, allow to make significant savings on energy bills. This is the first season when the TET Smart Home solution is being used at Riga Technical University, so the financial benefits are not yet known exactly, but the university representatives are convinced that such will certainly be, and acknowledges that this solution is convenient and ensures smooth comfort level in all rooms. The RTU spokesman Jānis Šuksta points out that TET Smart Home provides not only for environmental friendliness and reducing energy costs, but also helps managing a number of houses effectively throughout the city: “The real situation in each room can be remote and real-time controlled, thereby saving the time resources of employees. The solution is currently implemented only in one of student dormitories, but we would gladly introduce this solution in all buildings.”

Fleet management solution for fuel economy
To help customers improve fleet management processes and optimize the use of resources, a Latvian company Mapon has developed easy-to-use and efficient GPS tracking and fleet management solutions enabling the vehicle location monitoring for both companies and individuals. One of the company’s customers – the manufacturer of building materials SCHWENK Latvia (formerly CEMEX) – acknowledges that regular and detailed driving analysis helps identify the aspects of drivers’ activity that should be improved, plan driver education and improve driving parameters. SCHWENK welcomes the introduction of this solution in the company that provided for reduced fuel consumption and improved the driving habits of employees.

Indoor positioning system for efficient enterprise resource management
Precise indoor tracking of resources provides for production efficiency, quality and safety. The KIO real time location system (RTLS) for tracking any object developed by the Estonian company ELIKO allows you tracking an object up to 10 times more accurately than similar technologies. This solution is appreciated by Alar Torim, Production Manager at Ruukki, and he admits that he plans to expand its use within the company: “Owing to the KIO RTLS solution, we have obtained trusty and reliable information on the resource movement trajectories. Trajectory data analysis, as the result, provided for the improvement of business efficiency.”

Remote temperature monitoring system
The Latvian company SensMax has developed the remote temperature monitoring system SensMax SensGuard, which helps to automate temperature control in refrigeration, freezing and baking equipment. It is an online temperature monitoring system with alarm notifications when the temperature is going out of allowed range. This solution is used by the Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine of the University of Latvia to monitor the temperature in its biobank’s deep freezers and liquid nitrogen dewars. Staff members of the Institute recognize that this is a reliable, accurate and convenient way of monitoring equipment, and that it is easy to add new equipment to the system. Data can be viewed for an indefinite period of time and monitored for operational irregularities to carry out timely preventive maintenance or repairs.

A handy smart home solution for functioning buildings
ELKO EP, a manufacturer of electronic equipment for residential, office and industrial automation, offers a smart home system ensuring automated lighting, climate and security monitoring in a building. This solution is for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, warehouses and residential buildings. It is used by customers like Radisson Hotels, VanGraaf, Riga Airport, Lemona Electronics and others. Consumers emphasize how convenient is the system implementation process: “Our hotel did not have bedside sockets and switches, however, the ELKO EP solution enabled to add this function without rebuilding and closing the hotel. Additionally, the system allows to add new functions to the room lighting – to adjust the mood lighting. That was the best solution for already operating hotel.”

Sensors for indoor air quality control

The Latvian company SAF tehnika has developed a wireless sensor network solution "Aranet" for monitoring indoor air temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and many other parameters that allows easy collection and analysis of real-time data. The solution is already being used by Mobilly, and Ģirts Slaviņš, CEO of the company, admits that Mobilly cares not only for customer satisfaction, but also for the well-being of employees at their workplace: “The Aranet CO2 sensor has improved the company’s work environment, reminding of the need for regular breaks during meetings and airing of premises before the working environment has become unproductive and the employees well-being has deteriorated.”

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