Grand Concert “Weaving New Patterns” by Teiksma

On 18 May, the TEIKSMA folk dance group (FDG) will yet again surprise viewers with a brand new repertoire at its concert “Weaving New Patterns”.

The group has always been referred to as a “laboratory of dance”, where countless new choreographies are concocted each season and then brought to stage as increasingly entertaining concert programmes. This year is no exception! Moreover, this time around, the floor has been given to seven young choreographers, who have been or still are dancers at TEIKSMA: Reinis Rešetins, Marta Helēna Vanaga, Dāvis Ērglis, Druvis Anusāns, Māris Konstants, Aija Konstante and Jānis Kalniņš.

Their unique experiences, ideas, and of course, quirks, will make this concert special not only for themselves, but also for viewers. Whereas, for the dancers of the Teiksma FDG, the Teiksma middle-aged dance group and Teiksmiņa children’s dance group, it will be a big step or even a giant leap outside their usual dance routines.

The concert is organised by BT 1 Music.

Tickets are available at Biļešu paradīze box offices throughout Latvia, or via their website www.bilesuparadize.lv and at the Ķīpsala hall.
Additional ticket information: 67067500 or via e-mail: music@bt1.lv