Latvian Book Fair 2019 on its way to readers!

Latvian Book Fair 2019, 1–3 March, invites to meet favourite writers, author readings, book opening events, to get the latest publishing news, to join in creative workshops, swap or purchase books at particularly advantageous price.

“A good book is like a good friend. Not just only for the kids! I therefore invite people to get new friends at the Latvian Book Fair, where Latvian and foreign publishers will offer a wide variety of books. This is an event bringing together publishers, authors, industry associations, booksellers, wholesalers, potential publishers, librarians and readers, and offering great books for great readers!” tells Sanita Blomniece, a manager of Latvian Book Fair.

Latvian Book Fair 2019 will be attended by all major Latvian publishing companies – Zvaigzne ABC, Janis Roze Publishers, Jumava, Pētergailis, Latvijas Vēstnesis, Latvijas mediji, Kontinents, Madris, RaKa, Avots, Upe, Mansards, Dienas Grāmata, Liels un mazs and others.

A broad cultural programme
Latvian Book Fair 2019 will present a broad and versatile cultural programme. All three days, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy authors’ readings and book launch events taking place on the Grand Stage, but in the cosy Writers’ Lounge – to talk to authors and get their autographs.

Activities for children
LBF will also offer a programme of exciting events for the most trusted readers – children. The Fun Reading Room will be the place to meet authors and heroes, to play developmental games, to join in fun experiments, exciting contests and quizzes, or engage in other creative activities. There will be fun for everyone!

Swap books!
Following the tradition, Latvian Book Fair 2019 will also offer a Book Exchange Point operating throughout all the three days of event. Visitors are invited to bring books that they have reread multiple times and do not need anymore, in order to exchange them for ones not yet read. The “Book Exchange Point” will have picture and fairy-tale books for children, reference literature, art books and other reading stuff for great readers. The Repository Exchange Fund of Riga Central Library this year will provide an unprecedented number of books – 4500. Come and find your book!

Latvian Book Fair 2018
Ninety-four participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the United Kingdom and Turkey took part in the Latvian Book Fair 2018. Three-day attendance reached 14,502.

Latvian Book Fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Publishers Association.

The International Education Fair “Skola 2019” occurring simultaneously will offer comprehensive information on opportunities to study in Latvia and abroad. Read more: www.bt1.lv/skola

More about the Latvian Book Fair: www.bt1.lv/lbf
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Opening hours:
1–2 March 10.00–18.00
3 March 10.00–17.00

Ticket price: 2 EUR
Seniors and the disabled (by presenting the relevant certificates) – free entry.
Free entry for children aged 0–7.
“Skola 2019” ticket entitles to free entry to the Latvian Book Fair!

Parking – 4 EUR