Moments of intimacy with made-of-muscle gladiators or defiant male striptease at Erots 2018

Perfectly built bodies of Greek gods, imaginative dress-up play, rough masculinity - these are the words that best describe the male striptease duo Extazy set to hit the stage at the Erotica Festival “Erots 2018” to be held February 16?17 in Riga.

Striptease is an entertainment usually associated with female performers, but the male striptease stars certainly break this stereotype. The Muscovite guys will strip down and show off manly, strong and sexy in front of the festival audience. Their well-trained and muscular bodies cannot look otherwise!

The hottest performances of the Extazy duo will be filled with the most unimaginable fantasies unveiling to spectators the sex appeal of a brutal caveman, a horror movie antagonist, a half-naked gladiator or a medieval knight in full armour.

Extazy’s performances include both tempting dance and playful improvisation with spectators of fair sex being often involved and getting unforgettable feelings. There is something truly incredible about sharing the moments of intimacy with a made-of-muscle gladiator!

As you already know, two passion-filled nights, February 16–17, will offer the visitors of “Erots 2018” a show programme featuring hot divas, captivating female and naughty male strippers and other erotically charged performances. Along with the show, visitors will have a possibility to buy erotic lingerie, a variety of adult toys, sexy underwear, massage oils, films, etc.

Keep up with the latest updates: www.erots.lv and www.facebook.com/ErotsLV/

The International Erotica Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: Baltic Taxi, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Prieks Tūre and One Touch.

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of Biļešu serviss (http://ej.uz/kvd5) throughout Latvia. Gift yourself now, and unpack in February! Under 18 not admitted!

Opening hours:
February 16, 18.00-03.00
February 17, 18.00-03.00