A unique opportunity! Get to see the next generation urban air transport!

During the period from 19 to 22 October, all admirers of innovations will have a unique opportunity to see the scale model of the future urban air transport “SkyWay” at the “Environment and Energy 2017” fair in Ķīpsala. Many will have seen something similar in scenes of sci-fi movies!

It is no secret that transport is one of the largest environmental pollutants and consumers of energy. In order to reduce air pollution and develop an environmentally friendly transport infrastructure, many modern and far-sighted cities all over the world are implementing transport that uses less energy and is more friendly to the environment.

Belarusian engineers may also be proud of a solution of their own. The unibus model of the urban air transport “SkyWay” (scale 1:10) developed by them, which resembles a cable car, will be available for viewing at the fair “Environment and Energy 2017”! It will be hooked onto a six-metre-long rail structure. Moreover, it has a complex safety and control system, it uses a very small amount of energy, it’s ecological and very comfortable.

This innovative urban transport with an electromechanical engine is suitable for transporting cargo, as well as people. It consists of a unibus that is hooked onto rails and is an automatic self-driving module with steel wheels. One unibus may carry up to 14 people, however, if they are mounted together, it is possible to carry as many as 100 passengers. Its top speed in the city is 150 km/h.

Engineers believe that the use of this new technology will make it possible for mankind to save more than 300 billion tonnes of fuel resources, as the engine is electromechanical. By not burning fuel, people will save up to 106 billion tonnes of oxygen, and the atmospheric layer will be protected from harmful emissions. A single high-speed unibus is able to save up to approx. 22 thousand tonnes of energy (fuel) per 25 years, which costs around 20 million US dollars.

It is possible that this is the safest, most environmentally friendly, economical and reliable transport system that has ever been created!

In order to make sure of this, head to the “Environment and Energy 2017” fair on 19–22 October! Visit the “SkyWay” exhibition, view the model and see test runs of this transport in real life conditions. “SkyWay” will also be organising seminars at 12:40 on 19 October and at 16:00 on 20 October in order to provide more detailed information and answer the questions of all those interested.

More information on the offer of the participants and the programme of events is available on the website http://bt1.lv/ee/. Follow the news on www.facebook.com/videenergija.

The “Environment and Energy” fair is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Opening hours:
19–21 October 10:00–18:00
22 October 10:00–17:00

Ticket prices:
Entrance ticket – EUR 6
Seniors, disabled persons, students, pupils – EUR 4
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children or 1+3) – EUR 13
Children up to the age of 7 – free of charge
Parking – EUR 4

Ķīpsala will be hosting the fairs “House. Apartment 2017” and “Realty & Investment 2017” at the same time. All of the exhibitions may be visited with a single ticket!