Furry and Tailed Creatures Invite You to ZooExpo 2017!

vOn 30 September and 1 October, Ķīpsala will host the beloved pet and zoo industry fair ZooExpo 2017 with pedigree dogs and cats, cute rabbits, frisky goats, ponies, and many other pets, as well as exciting shows and interesting breed demonstrations. Guaranteed fun!

Families and all animal lovers are welcome to visit the international dog and cat shows, watch pet judging in rings, enjoy interesting and educational breed demonstrations and shows, meet farm animals and other small pets, make affordable purchases at the vast exposition of zoo industry goods and services, receive specialist consultations, and simply have a good time. Free inflatable bouncers for children!

Who Will Become the Riga Winner?

For two days, more than 1700 dogs from Latvia and abroad, altogether representing 226 dog breeds, will compete for the title Riga Winner in an international competition. The competition will be the fiercest for Staffordshire bull terriers, basenjis, shelties and Australian shepherds, as they will be the most widely represented. Alongside these four-legged friends, you will see such rare breeds as Uruguayan cimarron, Russian tsvetnaya bolonka, and American hairless terriers. The most beautiful dog, which will receive the winner’s cup, will be announced on 1 October at 17:00.

The dogs will not only participate in the competition, but also demonstrate their skills. Along with dog beauty contests, on both days of the fair you will see tricks performed by the lively and amusing Pembroke Welsh corgis, impressive dog obedience and agility demonstrations, Birma PETS autumn/winter fashion show, a performance by the Circus Studio of Riga Circus, as well as entertaining demonstrations of Labradors and companion dogs. The show floor will be given to demonstrations of canistherapy and youths training dogs within The Young Teach the Young programme. You will also have a chance to meet dogs that participate in missing person searches. More about the event programme: www.bt1.lv/zooexpo/index.php

Pedigree Purrers
During the two days of the international cat show, you will see roughly 400 big and small, furry and hairless pedigree cats representing a total of 26 breeds. Ķīpsala will be taken over by a particularly large number of one of the largest breeds of cat, the Maine coons, as well as Scottish and Highland folds with adorable folded ears and big eyes, Kurilian bobtails with cute short tails, and many others. Visitors will be able to view specialist examinations of cats and listen to experts talking both about various breeds in general and each of the cats. The specialised shows of Persian cats, exotic shorthairs, Norwegian forest cats and Scottish shorthair straights will also be fun and educating.

The Famous Jimmy and Other Farm Animals
Both the young and old will enjoy the Rabbit Village farm, where they will be awaited by The Famous Jimmy with his sisters and brothers, a chicken with her big family, mischievous goats, geese, and turkeys. Here, you will also meet a family of rabbits, among which the English Lop rabbits with ears so long they’re dragging on the ground will definitely stand out! In the nearby bath, there will be two coypu girls splashing about. They must have never heard of toothbrushes because their teeth are so yellow!

Whereas, in the enclosure you will find the children’s beloved ponies, which will offer rides, as well as the fuzzy rabbits from the Rabbit Manor of Kalvene and pedigree rabbits from the Latvian Pedigree Rabbits Breeders’ Association. But that’s not all! You will also see hamsters, rats, degus, coypus, parrots, canaries, domesticated polecats, and many others!

Treat Your Pet!

Alongside the furry and tailed creatures, Ķīpsala will also offer a vast exposition of zoo industry goods and services. Visitors will have the chance to purchase various animal foods, snacks and vitamins, animal care kits, cages, as well as various accessories and toys for great prices from more than 50 companies. Moreover, all those interested will have the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding the selection of animal food, as well as tips for improving the health of their pet.

If You’re Looking for a Furry Friend

If you’re still looking for your four-legged companion, the fair will be a great place to see the variety of dog and cat breeds and consult with experienced specialists! It is forbidden to sell puppies and kittens at the fair; however, everyone will have the chance to talk to connoisseurs of various breeds in order to receive answers to the most burning questions and, perhaps, even put their name down for their future pet.
Free inflatable bouncers will be available for children!

The ZooExpo exhibition is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsor of the cat and dog shows – ROYAL CANIN. More info: www.bt1.lv/zooexpo and facebook.com/petekspo.lv

Venue and time of the event: The International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala
On 30 September from 10:00 to 18:00
On 1 October from 10:00 to 18:00

Bear in mind!
If you wish to visit the fair with your dog but are not a participant, you will need to present the dog’s veterinary certificate, as well as go through a veterinary check before purchasing a ticket at Gate 11 of the Exhibition Centre.

Tickets already available: https://zooexpo2017.ticketforevent.com/lv

Ticket prices:
Children under the age of 4 – free of charge!
Children aged 5 to 18 – EUR 3.00
Students, seniors, disabled persons – EUR 4.00
Adults – EUR 5.50

Especially friendly offer for families: family ticket – EUR 13.00

(2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children)
additional children – EUR 1.50 for each child
All attractions for children (indoors) are FREE OF CHARGE!
Parking – EUR 4.00