Science and business – Food Innovation Stand at Riga Food 2017

Information on the participants involved in the field of food industry innovation, various research establishments developing new products and finished products manufactured by food producers in cooperation with Latvian scientists and food technologists will be available in the “Food Innovation” stand at the International Food Fair to be held from 6–9 September at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia.

It’s no secret that a lot of new foods do not appear in shelves spontaneously but in a process of a long-term research. Large companies having their own R&D departments, develop these products themselves, smaller ones often address research institutes. This year, the Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA), the Institute of Horticulture and the Institute of Agrarian Sciences and Economics, which have countless structural units studying the development and use of new varieties, flavours and variations in food, take part in the food fair this year too. These institutions are also mainly involved in the development of all new food products in Latvia. This year, the institutes are going to present their latest research results: the use of high protein cereals and pulses (peas and beans), the use of fruit and berry by-products in the development of new products, extruded pulse products, protein-rich leguminous bars, pulse pastes etc.

New businesses for many years have tended to focus on a healthy lifestyle, i.e. reducing sugar, fat content and taste enhancers by increasing the protein, fibre and vitamin content in products. In the Food Innovation Stand visitors will have an opportunity to taste a variety of healthy alternatives to snacks and drinks such as pea crisps, tomato and chili crisps, low-fat crisps, pulse pastes and bars, natural herbal elixirs, natural baby food, and test diversity of tableware that promote healthy eating habits (including the Crinkly Plate that creates an optical illusion of a larger portion than it is in reality, and heavy cutlery that slows down the eating process). Alongside new products, this is a place to get advice on business support, patenting, registration and testing of food products, as well as information on educational opportunities for emerging food industry professionals.

On Friday, September 8, Latvian Technological Centre and EEN-Latvia in cooperation with the Latvia University of Agriculture hold a seminar on trends in the development of new food products "Innovations in Food Manufacturing" and the International Brokerage Event to promote cooperation between scientists and business people. Currently, 50 participants from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and the United Kingdom have already registered for this event. Registration of participants and scheduling meetings continue until 6 September. The Riga Food 2017 Event Programme find, here: www.bt1.lv/bt1/rigafood/?link=00400000