Product debuts at Riga Food 2017!

Raspberry horseradish, apple butter, ginger drink, cake in a jar ... these are just some of new Latvian-made products displayed, available for tasting and purchase at the Baltics’ largest food fair “Riga Food 2017” to be held in Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 6–9 September. Come and enjoy!

Apple butter
Experts seriously believe that the rise in butter prices has nothing to do with the sudden popularity of butter. But the popularity of this – apple ghee butter – is growing rapidly and will surely conquer your heart! Jānis Krieķis, an owner of the Buliņi farm in Launkalne parish, has brought out of oblivion an ancient Latvian apple cheese recipe and now, during the fair, will also offer extremely tasty apple butter already known by ancient Latvians and now available at the Kukaburra Bread Museum. The apple sweet ghee butter will be a perfect match to pancakes and bread, while the salty will complement cheese and air-dried cured meat.

Ginger drink "Ingverini" with Latvian herbs

Ginger has long been called the root of life, health and beauty, as well as a golden herb. It improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation; it is used for health improvement and more and more ... For this reason, Jānis Smelteris, a home-grower from Ikšķile region, has decided to combine the healthy and the valuable – ginger and Latvian herbs. The non-alcoholic drink “Ingverini” will be presented at “Riga Food 2017”. Come, taste and tone up!

Cake in a jar
Did you know that in Alūksne, happiness is put in a jar, becoming the sweetest homemade cake in a jar made of natural ingredients and without preservatives? People say: "Who once tasted Gustiņš’s cake, would fall in love with it and become a bit happier!" Would love to taste a piece of happiness? Visit “Riga Food 2017”! Moreover, Gustiņš assortment includes 7 different cakes in a jar: chocolate, white chocolate, carrot, caramel, vanilla, almond and cranberry cake.

Raspberry horseradish

"Horseradish marries both beetroots and oranges," explained Māris Lapiņš, an owner of the Mārlapiņas farm, who will present during the fair something completely unusual – raspberry horseradish. It is both sweet and spicy with the distinct flavour of fresh raspberries. It can be said that it tastes like a spicy raspberry jam having a pleasant horseradish sharpness and aftertaste. Raspberry horseradish can be used with both salty and sweet dishes, but it is best suited with different cheeses and poultry meat. The most exotic is a combination of ice cream and raspberry horseradish. It should be noted that raspberry horseradish is currently one of the most sought after products of Mārlapiņas. Moreover, horseradish is very healthy!

Home-made marshmallows
Latvians have their own marshmallows – home-made zephyr from berries and fruits grown in Latvia. Light and airy as clouds! "Home-made marshmallows" contain no artificial colouring, preservatives, E-substances and allergens. Taste them during the fair and leave your suggestions that Zane Paegle promises to take into account in the further process of marshmallow making. "Home-made Marshmallows" will be real enjoyment for every gourmet!

Viburnum berry powder
Want to be healthy and beautiful? BestBerry will offer a product made of unreasonably forgotten ruby red vitamin bombs. The powder of viburnum berries contains A, C, E, Fe, K, P vitamins, pectin, hydrochloric acid, valeric acid and other valuable substances. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, promotes digestion and intestinal function. Great vitamin bomb for the autumn season!

Chili jelly
The summer of Latgale’s "Turku pirts ciems" in a jar! Spicy! Taste, smell and enjoy during “Riga Food 2017”! Chili jelly is another unusual jam by "Turku pirts ciems". It perfectly goes with cheese and bacon. "We had a high yield of chili peppers last year and we were thinking how to use it? So we made chili jelly. It was tasty, so other would like it too. Just so simply!” told Grigorijs Eniņš from “Turku pirts ciems”.

Cake for raw food enthusiasts
During the fair, Ideju Bode will offer for tasting a buckwheat chocolate cake with berry cream that was inspired by the latest nutritional trends and high-quality ingredients. This cake contains no eggs, dairy products or traditional flour. It is made from fresh berry cream, buckwheat chocolate biscuit, which is both tasty and nutritious. Suitable for vegans!

This year, more than other years, both home producers and international food companies have chosen “Riga Food 2017” as the place to present their newest products. Surprises are guaranteed. There are lots of new products! See some of them: www.bt1.lv/bt1/rigafood/?link=00000014

Riga Food 2017 – from business contacts to gastronomic pleasures!

The Baltic’s biggest food industry event Riga Food 2017 offering an ambitious exhibition of international and domestic companies and organizations, masters and food competitions, news presentations, educational seminars, exciting shows, master classes and tastings takes place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia from 6–9 September.

“Riga Food” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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