Latvian small breweries and homebrewers invite to beer tasting at Riga Food 2017!

All beer lovers will be warmly welcome to “Riga Food 2017” on 9 September to meet more than 15 Latvian small breweries and homebrewers and taste their products.

Well-known master brewers will give an insight into beer brewing and drinking traditions in the course of the day. Visitors will have an opportunity to watch beer brewing demonstrations, to taste wort and find out the latest news in the beer industry.

"The history and traditions of Latvian beer brewing show that Latvians have always loved beer. If we, Latvians, keep working on developing the beer drinking culture, people will enjoy drinking beer and will be able to appreciate the quality product in the future, whereas brewers will have to think the quality of their product not quantity. The Riga Food 2017 visitors will be welcome to get acquainted with the wonderfully diverse world of beer that is still growing and developing. We will offer tastings of brewers’ best products and will invite visitors to listen master brewers’ stories,” tells Daiga Skrimble, a chairman of the Community of Attributes Collectors and Beer Fans ALUS FANS.

Raivo Tilners, a master brewer at "Bruvepats.lv" will demonstrate a beer brewing process and share his experience in brewing quality craft beer. Tālavas ķēniņa alus, a brewery in Lizums, Latvia, will offer a new but at the same time ancient sense of taste that will not leave indifferent even those who say: "I don’t drink beer!"

The Viedi brewery, in its turn, will present diversity of beers and will surely break the stereotype that good beer can only be made by ancient methods! The Labietis brewery will present highly popular craft beers flavoured with local ingredients growing in meadows and forests – heather, yarrow, caraway and juniper.

On the last day of “Riga Food 2017”, 9 September, the Malduguns brewery will offer tasting its product, which, owing to its excellent taste and quality, has won the hearts of consumers and also part of the market with minimal marketing resources. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to discuss the quality and diversity of beer available in Latvia with the representatives of KUPLA, the Good Beer Movement. A large part of brewers, by the way, have started building up their brewing skills in the Homebrewers Association KUPLA and they have grown into serious beer producers selling their products not only in Latvia but also abroad.

The stands of ALUS FANS and the Beer Brewers Association of Latvia will offer information on the history of beer and brewing trends all four event days, 6-9 September.

According to the data of the Beer Brewers Association of Latvia, Latvian brewers produced 73.95 million litres of beer in 2016. "Although the total amount of beer produced has decreased, it is well known that consumers give preference to a good quality beer, which is more expensive in terms of costs," said Daiga Skrimble, a chairman of the Community of Attributes Collectors and Beer Fans ALUS FANS.

“Riga Food 2017” reportedly will take place from 6–9 September 6 to 9 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. The Baltic’s major food industry event will offer an ambitious exhibition by food manufacturers and organizations, professional mastery and food competitions, exciting shows, educational workshops and tastings. “Riga Food” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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