The results of the bread quality competition will be announced in the Riga Food 2017 exhibition!

On 23 and 24 August the Bread Quality Contest 2017 will take place in Jelgava, to determine the best quality bread manufacturers in Latvia. The competition results will be announced on the opening day of the international food fair Riga Food 2017 - on 6 September!

The purpose of the bread quality competition is to popularise bread products, promote the consumption of them and to honour the manufacturers of the best quality bread in Latvia.

The producers may submit two types of bread for the Bread Quality Contest 2017 in the following groups: Latvian rye bread, rye bread containing at least 90 % rye flour of the total content of flour, and one type of bread made in the company by choice.

“This year, as a gift for the centenary of Latvia we want to especially promote the Latvian rye bread, which is a symbol of Latvian identity, a value written in the Latvian culture. Our rye bread is unique because of its preparation technology, and we want to preserve these traditions and teach the young generation how to use them in their daily lives,” says Gunta Duka, Executive Director of the Latvian Bakers Association.

“Quality is the main criterion in choosing the bread,therefore it is nice to see that Latvian bakers are becoming increasingly innovative, offering products with high nutritional value which have a positive effect on human health,” says the manager of Riga Food, Rolands Nežborts.

The quality contest shows the consumers that Latvian bakers are making high quality products and keep inventing new types of bread to surprise gourmets and regular customers. The quality of bread submitted for the contest will be evaluated according to an internationally recognised evaluation system, not by comparing them with each other.

Evaluation of the bread
Using sensory evaluation methods the visual appearance, crust, porosity and structure, as well as the taste and smell of the bread will be evaluated. The evaluators will be educated experts who have acquired the basic principles of bread sensory evaluation, have completed a practical training course and have a common understanding about the quality of bread. They are scientists and bread and flour manufacturers with experience in bread manufacturing.

Apllication is still open!
You can apply for participation in the contest until 4 August, by submitting a written application in the Latvian Bakers Association (Lizuma iela , Riga, LV - 1006) or electronically to e-mail: birojs@maizniekubiedriba.lv.

Awarding of the winners!
Competition winners will receive medals and diplomas which will acknowledge the quality of each awarded product. The competition results will be announced and the winners will be awarded on the opening day of the food fair Riga Food 2017 on 6 September after 11:00.

The competition is organised by the Latvian Bakers Association in cooperation with the Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Food Technology, the International Exhibition Company BT 1 and with the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture.