The four-legged actor of the "The Boy With The Dog" film at “Latvian Winner 2017"!

The Border collie Ļutiks plays the faithful home guard Džeris in the film “The Boy With The Dog” dedicated to the centenary of Latvia. Ļutiks is a rescue dog in both the film and real life. You can watch and evaluate dog’s agility and ability to help people during the international dog and cat show "Latvian Winner 2017" taking place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 10 and 11 June.
This fiction project telling about saving Jews during the World War II is currently being filmed in Riga. The main heroes of this story – Zigis, a Lipke family boy, and his best friend Džeris, or Ļutiks in real life, are used to acting in front of the cameras from an early age. As a five months old puppy, Ļutiks starred a Laila Pakalniņa’s film "Pizzas" performing difficult stunts, for example, jumped into a moving car. Although initially it seemed a challenge to its owner and trainer Vlada Akimova, the border collie did everything perfectly. "It was clear that this will be a film dog – patient and brave enough, and resourceful. Moreover, unlike other dogs, Ļutiks pays no attention to what is happening around. Actors may shout, run or make noise, but the dog will perform the required tasks," she tells.

Filming together with a dog was more challenging for Zigis, or Matīss Knipļuks, who had never had a pet. The two met several times before shooting started, so as both could act is a perfect tandem. "Ļutiks is never boring. He is sweet, he listens to commands and is always ready to play," the young actors describes his four-legged friend.

Vlada Akimova remembered that the most complicated scene was the one with German soldiers arriving in the backyard of Lipkes’ family house. Ļutiks was expected to bark. "Barking on command and for no visible reason is a difficult task for a dog," the trainer explains.

Džeris is a rescue dog in real life – searching those who have gone astray in woods, saving the wounded and now involved in canistherapy sessions. But in a free time Ļutiks prefers herding a guinea pig and a parrot.

Want to meet Džeris? Visit “Latvian Winner 2017” on 10 June and see different stunts and rescue demonstration by Ļutiks starting 13:30.

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“Latvian Winner” is organised by the international exhibition company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”.

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