Pedal to the metal! Riga motor show takes place this weekend!

Come and see Latvian racing cars, rare sports cars, restored, tuned, loud and fast vehicles from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries at the Baltics’ biggest tuning show "Auto Exotica 2017" that opens at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 7 April. The real star of the show ? a real life million worth of Batmobile!

The car tuning show "Auto Exotica" brings together not only the racing, tuned and exclusive car fanatics of, but also motoring enthusiasts willing to see new, unique vehicles. Batmobile, identical to the size and design of that that we all have seen in a 1989 Tim Burton’s film, is parked in the “Auto Exotica” pavilion and will stay there three days.

Hotrods or classic American vehicles impressively redesigned, rebuilt and equipped with modern appliances have arrived to the fair from Sweden. One of them is rebuilt in a Mad Max-style with tyres protruding from a vehicle’s bodywork and a roller cage instead of a roof. This dragster features rust finish and an impressive, massive V8 engine!

Visitors will have an opportunity to look at the Cadillac coupe and Plymouth hotrods rebuilt by Lithuanian masters of tuning. Both hotrods are finished in black matte with bright contrasting colour accents. Lithuanian car tuners also showcase an extremely rebuilt BMW and other popular brand models and the legend of racing – the 1960s AC Cobra.

Racing cars displayed at "Auto Exotica 2017" represent a variety of motorsport disciplines – from drag racing through drift and rallycross racing to rallying. The fans of drift racing will certainly be delighted to see the Nissan 200sx Pro Drift 750hp. The drag racing will be represented by the powerful Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 1500hp and Audi 1200hp – both cars have set quite a number of Latvian speed records. There will also be a variety of racing cars from Ilms Motorsport, DiamondRacing, Degviela Motorsport, GATO Dfrit Buddies, STR, EE Motorsport and EVO Racing Team.

"Auto Exotica 2017" also presents the PT Cruiser Wedding Limo/Carriage and the bright yellow UAZ-452, an off-road family van built in Soviet Union and known as bukhanka. Owing to its outstanding off-road abilities, the UAZ-452 was even used as an ambulance vehicle those days. Today, it is a vehicle for adventurers!

Alongside tuning masterpieces and hotrods, "Auto Exotica 2017" will also showcase artfully restored standard vehicles, for example, the 1990s Honda NSX, known as the Japanese Ferrari and created in collaboration with the F-1 driver Ayrton Senna.

Glamour and power
"Auto Exotica" is known as the most glamorous and loudest automotive event of the year! The three-day programme of events includes diversity of shows, demonstrations, competitions and concerts. Visitors are welcome to enjoy live music performances by KasPis, Slīmests Slaists, 101. kilometrs, Nikita M, Jura ZaZ, Rons, DJ Superoganes, Ability and other on 8 April 14.00–16.00. The "Auto Exotica 2017" programme find, here: www.bt1.lv/autoexotica/?link=00500000

Auto Exotica 2017 Awards
"Auto Exotica 2017 Awards" will determine winners in six nominations: "Best Car of the Event", "Best Japan Tuning Car", "Best European Tuning Car", "Best American Tuning Car," "Best Sports Car" and "Best Vintage Car". Registration for the competition takes place from 10.00 till 18.00 on 7 April, the nominees announced at the Radio Bar at 23.00 the same night. Everyone is welcome to the Auto Exotica 2017 Awards Ceremony to be held at Just Bar, at 24.00 on 8 April. Sponsors: Just Bar, Latakko, DiamondRacing, Riepas1, Radio Bar.

"Auto Exotica 2017" offers a variety of tuning accessories that will help you to prepare your car for the summer season.

International Motor Show “Auto 2017” reportedly takes place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 7–9 April. The show includes:
- "Auto", a new car exhibition and sale;
- "Transport Engineering", a section dedicated to trucks and commercial vehicles;
- "Auto Mechanics", an exposition of automotive supplies, maintenance tools, service equipment;
- "Auto Exotica", a car tuning show.

"Auto 2017" is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.
Read more: www.bt1.lv/auto

Opening hours:
April 7–8 10.00–19.00
April 9 10.00–17.00

Adults – EUR 7.00
Senior citizens, people with disabilities – EUR 4.50
Students, schoolchildren – EUR 4.50
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) – EUR 15.00
Children under 7 years of age – free entry!



Buying tickets in the Exhibition Centre box office:
7 April 16.00–19.00 and 9 April 15.00–16.30
Adult ticket only EUR 5.00, family ticket – EUR 13.00!

Cars – EUR 5.00
Buses – EUR 10.00