Rare dog and cat breeds at PetExpo 2017!

The International Pet Industry Fair “PetExpo 2017” showing off numerous charming pets – thousands of dogs, hundreds of cats, including those of pretty rare breeds – is to take place already at the end of this week, March 18 and 19, at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.

Azawakh, or African Sighthound
Azawakh, also known as African Sighthound or Tuareg’s Hound, stands out for its impressive speed and a particularly slender and elegant body. Moreover, Azawakh is not only a livestock guardian breed of dog; it is also used as a hunting dog! Experts would recommend it only to the knowledgeable and experienced owner, since the dog requires increased attention and powerful physical exertion – Azawakh, after all, can chase off its game in just a few seconds! Make sure of this during "PetExpo 2017"; watch the coursing show “Run as the wind, fly as the arrow!” at 14.00 on March 18 or 13.30 on March 19.

Coton de Tuléar
This small dog stands out for its soft coat that resembles cotton, and complaisant, playful, friendly and cheerful character. Coton is very attached to its owner. Since the Coton de Tuléar loves children, a great family pet enthusiastically follows each step of family members. This doggie is keen on learning tricks and loves talking – barking, whining, growling and otherwise reminding of itself.

Tosa Inu – Japanese fighting dog

Brave, strong, domineering, intelligent, independent and with a huge self-esteem – that is Tosa Inu, a dog rarely seen in its home country Japan, let alone other place in the world. Tosa is a great companion and guardian of the family, however, this dog would not be suitable for those who want a pet dog. Dogs of this breed require very serious work; their owners should be responsible, impartial and with great willpower, because the dog’s behaviour depends on its upbringing. Moreover, Tosa Inu does not like to obey commands, so you need to handle it with "white gloves"!

Clever Saluki
Like the Azawakhs, Saluki is a slim, elegant and very agile dog. Do not deprive your Saluki of the opportunity to run, and, best of all, in a closed and spacious area, where there are no other small animals. Saluki likes to be next to the master, but does not serve him. If you like this breed, be patient, win dog’s trust, build up mutual understanding, and only then start training this independent and wayward dog!

Turkish Angora

Do you need a companion who will lend a paw to almost all domestic chores? Then pay attention to the playful, fearless and sociable Turkish Angora cat! This cat cannot stay away from events happening around. Its curiosity sharpens its mind – the cat quickly learns to open a locker and is always checking the contents of a shopping bag. The Turkish Angora becomes a true friend catching the attention and love of the owner every moment!

Elegant Burmilla
A short, silky, sparkling silver coat and emerald green eyes – such beauty is difficult to resist! Burmillas are fearless and playful in childhood, intelligent and infinitely gentle in adulthood. Their playfulness and affection do not pass with time. Burmilla will willingly settle in the owner’s lap and fall asleep purring loudly. The owner of Burmilla will never feel lonely or bored with surprises and fun awaiting at every turn!

Burmese cats
This breed is called intelligent quite rightly – the Burmese cats learns easily and the list of their positive qualities are endless. Sociability and cheerfulness, harmony and attractiveness, curiosity and ingenuity, beauty and health. You want to love, groom and pamper your Burmese for its friendliness to all family members. The Burmese meows rarely, is not aggressive to children and does no harm to your property. Ideal cat, isn’t it?

That’s not all!
These are just some of the dog and cat breeds to be presented during "PetExpo 2017". Visitors will also be able to see new breeds not yet registered in Latvia! There will also be a goat with kids, a sheep with black lambs, ponies, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, degus, nutria, domestic ferrets, sea toads and many other wonderful creatures and a vast supply of goods and services at attractive exhibition prices! Read more: www.petexpo.lv

“PetExpo” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Cynological Federation and Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs”. Sponsors of the dog show – “EUKANUBA”, sponsor of the cat show – “ROYAL CANIN”.

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Venue and time:

18–19 March 10.00–18.00, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre

Bear in mind!
If you wish to visit the fair with your dog and the dog is not taking part in the fair, you will need to present its veterinary certificate, as well as go through a veterinary check before purchasing a ticket.

Adults – EUR 5.50
Seniors, disabled persons, students – EUR 4.00
Children from the age of 5 to 18 – EUR 3.00
Children up to the age 4 – free of charge!
Family ticket – EUR 13.00
(2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children;
additional children – EUR 1.50 for each child)
Parking – EUR 4.00

Buy tickets online:

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