Active recreation and sports fairs kick off spring season at Kipsala!

Spring comes with the trade shows dedicated to active lifestyle and sports "Recreation and Sports 2017", "Hunting and Fishing 2017", "Motorcycle 2017" and "Baltic Boat Show 2017" to be held from 24–26 March at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre! Bicycles, motorcycles, yachts, boats, goods, sports and tourism, fishing and hunting accessories – almost everything to get ready for the warmest season of year!

Athletes, travellers, vacationers, anglers, hunters, motorcyclists, enthusiasts of yachting and extreme sports are welcome to Kipsala. Everyone will find there something useful – information or a product – or will just have fun spending good time together with family members. "This year for the first time we offer “Fitness days in Kipsala” where all stakeholders will have an opportunity to attend lectures conducted by professionals and take part in training sessions of different sports clubs at no additional charge. Do not forget your sports suit at home!” told Mārtiņš Druvkalns, a project manager.

About 200 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, China and Germany will present a vast variety of products – from sports clothes, footwear and equipment to different modes of road and water transport. Come and see “Freespine”, a biokinetic cross training machine to work out your spinal column muscles and joints, which won the bronze medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

Lots of bikes for all tastes!
If you need a new bike, there will be an especially wide range of bicycles for everyone’s taste offered by "Veloprofs", "Sportland", "Elkor" "My Sport", "X-sports" and others. The creative Latvian company "Tru Fix Kru" will showcase their products for the first time. If you have a bicycle and are ready to take a ride, then you should find all about the newest cycling routes, buy maps in the stand of the publishing house "Jāņa sēta" or the Latvian Camping Association.

For hunters and anglers

Anglers will be able to learn about the latest, most modern fishing tackle and accessories, as well as to find everything they might need to complement their range of fishing equipment. “Eholotes.lv”, for example, will offer consultation with the angling experts Mārtiņš Balodis, Kristiāns Godiņš and useful tips. The Lithuanian company “Baltic Fishing”, an official distributor for “Maver” in the Baltic States, will surprise visitors with an extremely vast offer. For those, who dream of catching a big fish in faraway waters, "Meripessa" will offer fishing tours and holidays in Finland.

For hunters, there will be a wide range of hunting weapons, optics, hunting accessories, clothing and equipment for hunting farms. A participant from Lithuania will present the exclusive Marco Knives for the first time, and each knife has its own distinguishing sign and registration number! Moreover, www.lynxgear.lv will present a range of new US branded products – the “DMT” diamond grindstones, "Camillus" and "CUDA" knives and tools.

All about holidays on water – from SUP boards to yachts!
Water transport and spare parts will have more representation at "Baltic Boat Show" as ever before. Alongside domestic companies offering inflatable and paddleboats, visitors will see watercrafts from the world’s leading yacht and boat manufacturers. “Valtine”, “Vetagra” and “Nave” from Lithuania and “Alter Baltic” from Estonia are taking part in the fair for the first time. Moreover, visitors will have an opportunity to see Fly 50 from “Absolut Yachts”, the world’s leading yacht manufacturer.

Kipsala is the right place to get acquainted with the latest developments, including all about the stand-up paddle boarding and purchase necessary equipment presented by the companies “supadventures.lv”, “Laivu nams” and “Red Paddle Co”. If you lack confidence in your paddle boarding skills, you can opt for a SUP board with a handlebar like a bike from "Baidarių centras”.

Motorcycle – from the past to the present.

The participants of "Motorcycle" have prepared the latest motorcycle, scooter and quad models, as well as stylish clothing and accessories. Among the novelties will be the ladies’ favourite "Harley-Davidson" presenting the new Road King Special and Sportster®. The 1970s-style French brand "Mash" came to Latvia last year and has already managed to impress even experienced bikers. This year, “Mash” presents its newest models “Euro 4”. Moreover, "Dude Bikes", the representative for “Mash” will offer 10% off on all purchases during the fair! The association "Retromoto" will offer an exhibition of retro bikes.

New! Fitness days in Kipsala!
Fitness days in Kipsala, held simultaneously with “Recreation and Sports on 25 and 26 March, will attract those who go in for sports. On 25 March, experts will offer an extensive programme of lectures on active lifestyle issues. How to start exercising? How to recover after trauma? These are just some of the questions to find answers to. On 26 March, visitors are welcome to participate in the pilot training to acquire skills and get an insight into a wide range of fitness activities including bodyArt and CrossFit conducted by coaches of the sport clubs “Atlētika, “bodyArt” and “CrossFit”. Detailed programme of events find, here: www.bt1.lv/sports/images/fitnesa_diena_as17.pdf

Keep your fingers crossed for athletes!
Visitors will have an opportunity to watch variety of competitions during the fair. On 24 March, the Latvian Society of the Blind will hold the Latvian championship in classical powerlifting and the hip-hop dance competitions, but on 25 March – Latvian championship in bench press on the number of repetitions. On 26 March, the strongest armwrestlers of Latvia and the Baltics will compete in the 2017 Latvian Cup stage event held by the Latvian Armwrestling Federation. Visitors will have a great opportunity to not only watch athletes and keep fingers crossed, but also to take part in exciting competitions and watch shows presented by sports federations.

The exhibition "Recreation and Sports", "Hunting and Fishing", "Motorcycle" and "Baltic Boat Show" organized by International Exhibition Company BT 1.
More: www.bt1.lv/sports

Opening hours:

24–25 March 10.00–19.00
26 March 10.00–17.00

Ticket prices:

Free entry for children under 7 years of age!
Full ticket – EUR 5.00
Senior citizens, persons with disabilities, students – EUR 3.50
Children (8–18 years) – EUR 3.00
Special family-friendly offer:
Family ticket – EUR 13.00
(2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children)
Tickets online: https://sports-lv.ticketforevent.com/

Car parking – Eur 4.00